This is a treat for all Formula 1 fans. The game is pretty simple and easy. In the game, you control an F1 team, intent on winning several races in a row and improving your racers and cars along the way.

If you are new to F1 Clash or trying to win races in the game then this post is for you. In this post, we will share an F1 Clash guide that teaches you some essential tips and tricks for winning races in the game. So let’s get started:


Minimum Stops Strategy

I’ve been playing F1 Clash for over two years now and trust me, pit stop strategy is the main thing you should focus on while racing. In my experience, you should always stick to a minimum stop strategy, even if that means you will be riding on hard tires for the entire race. Always try to make only one stop at the maximum; this will help you win almost 99% of the races. Also keep in mind that one stop is not possible in rainy weather and on long trails, so you will have to switch to a two stop strategy. When using a one-stop strategy, it may seem like you are losing ground at first, but don’t worry: you will regain all positions in the second half of the race.

The first turn can change the course of the game

As in a real Formula 1 race, the first corner of the track is very important. In just one turn, you can gain a huge number of positions, and sometimes even lose several positions. So always try to be aggressive in the first corner of a race with both pilots, use acceleration as soon as the race starts and if you’re lucky you win 5-6 positions in just one turn.

Approach aggressively on the last lap

When you are about to cross the finish line, and if your fuel is still running out or your tires are not worn out, then you have not used your car’s full potential.  Try to act aggressively in the last laps as you don’t have to worry about pit stops. The race is about to end. So it’s better to try and win some position, right?

Watch the cars all the time

It’s hard that the control of the machine is not directly in your hands. But F1 Clash is not a bum game after all. Watch the cars constantly. Sometimes your rider may need a little acceleration to overtake the car, so help him.

Upgrade your car

Finally, there is nothing like a fast car. If your car is modernized and faster, then you will have an edge. Therefore, whenever you have coins and parts, use them for upgrades, and put the best parts on your car.

That was our guide to the F1 Clash racing game. Use all of the above tips and tricks for your next race and we’re sure you’ll have a crazy streak of victories. If you’d like us to post a detailed guide to F1 Clash, let us know in the comments below and we’ll be posting a detailed guide to this game shortly.

F1 Clash is a racing game. You will act as the manager of the racing team, collect athletes for yourself, develop them, participate in competitions and much more. You had a unique opportunity – to become a participant in Formula 1, do your best to perform well and win the competition. Plunge into the real world of racing and become the coolest racer.
A huge number of cars will be available for you, so you will definitely find what you like. Choose the hero you like best and develop him. Gradually, you can unlock more and more new players for the team and defeat all rivals in the races.
The game has a nice design and great opportunities for development.  Collect the best characters to race and win the main competition!