Best Match 3 Games for Android

With the growing popularity of mobile games, many game mechanics that seemed hopelessly outdated for PC and console games have resurrected and regained their former popularity. This was especially true for various puzzles, which in PC gaming have long been pushed into the format of mini-games for more serious projects, or have lived out their days in the form of casual games and browsers.

Therefore, we decided to compile the TOP of “three in a row” games on Android and tell you exactly how they differ from each other. Of course, all the games from our list are available for download in the Play Market absolutely free.


This simple and colorful game succeeded in almost impossible – bypassing Clash of Clans, Fruit Ninja and Hill Climb Racing in the TOP of the most downloaded games on iOS and Android. And this despite the fact that the developers were not even puzzled by adding to the game popular in the genre “three in a row” troubles like a story campaign, activated for collecting certain colors of “spells” and other curtsies in the direction of the legendary Puzzle Quest. Instead, we will have simple and additive gameplay, minimum complexity and long sequences of exploding candies.


Unlike the top spot on our list of the best Match 3 games on Android, which doesn’t even try to pretend to be anything big, Homes capes does its best to pretend it’s not just a puzzle, but an ancient mansion renovation simulator. In the presence of a story company, which tells about the renovation of the once abandoned property, and many additional mini-games like decorating the rooms opened during the story.


This game like “three in a row” on Android is also struggling to dress up as something else – in this case, under the simulator of the aquarist. Therefore, we collect shells, pearls and fish in rows for a reason, but in order to open a new décor for our aquarium and settle our scaly wards in more comfortable conditions.


Perhaps no game has done so much to revive the Match 3 genre in the 21st century as the Puzzle Quest franchise. Empires & Puzzles can be called its ideological successor in the form of a mobile application.

We have to go on an epic adventure across the fantasy world and collect a collection of powerful heroes. Fights with numerous enemies, of course, take place in the form of turn-based sessions “three in a row” with the ability to use skills and items.


If there is a plot in a match-three game, then usually they try to make it as epic as possible. We regularly have to save kingdoms, explore mysterious caves and even build our own Empire. The creators of Crunch Time have taken a different path, and our main goal in life is to feed the famous white cat, and at the same time his furry friends and girlfriends.


If the cat from the previous game had enough sweets for happiness, then the local tailed cat is not at all so simple. To satisfy his appetites, you do not need different types of food, but gems.

Another difference between this project and most of its counterparts – here, to complete a level, you need not only to gain a certain number of points, but also to complete a task that is unique for each level (collect the required number of stones, release blocked stones, destroy all spiders crawling on stones, etc.).


The Angry Birds franchise has been striving hard in recent years to reclaim its place as the leading mobile game on Android, releasing feature-length films and spin-offs in other genres to that end. The “three in a row” mode here differs little from other games from our TOP, except that the birds familiar from the main franchise like Red and Bomb are used as consumables here. But this project is full of unexpected additional activities like collecting a collection of chicks or regular bingo games.


Despite the primitive plot in the spirit of “feed the cats as tasty as possible” and the bright cartoon design, in terms of gameplay, Cookie Cats manages to surprise even experienced connoisseurs of the “3 in a row” genre. Indeed, instead of rearranging the stones (cookies) across the field, lining them up in lines, here you need to circle the lines already existing on the field.

It looks simple, but you need to take into account that the circled lines disappear, and higher cookies fall in their place. Therefore, the consequences of your actions here need to be calculated a little further than in other games from our top.


Gameplay this game is based on a variation of “three in a row”, in which instead of moving stones, you need to “undermine” areas of adjacent stones of the same color. Completed tasks help us get new décor items and gradually restore the abandoned island. And making our way further into the jungle, we step by step closer to unraveling the ancient mystery.


In this interesting game, you will find as many as 6 different modes, as well as many other mini-games and activities like restoring ancient cities from ruins and collecting numerous collections. All this is flavored with a strong storyline about the fight against ancient Evil and a huge number of additional tasks. In addition, the graphics are worked out here much better than in most similar projects.