Review of The Walking Dead: Our World. Pokemon GO after the zombie apocalypse

If you have not played Pokemon GO, because you do not like the theme of Japanese pocket monsters, you find the project too boring and even childish, you should try The Walking Dead: Our World.

This is the first of its kind augmented reality game that will immerse you in the center of a zombie apocalypse. You will fight with the living dead, even on your favorite couch, and also near your front door, in parks, squares and shopping centers.

Did you miss Rick and Daryl already? They will help you inside the game, which we will talk about today.

Is it an interesting game? What to do here at all

The developers took as a basis the successful concept of Pokemon GO, which has already blown up the world in the past. They pulled on the skin of The Walking Dead and launched the project on the App Store and Google Play.

Our World promises to plunge you into the epicenter of a zombie apocalypse that has captured all continents. Around you there will be crowds of “Zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies. Who else is this? This is a zombie too! ” (unspoken slogan of the game) – you will have to fill them all up and preferably with a shot in the head.

“Well, the beginning is good, it will be seen further” (from reviews in the App Store)

Indeed, the concept of the game looks good. But, remembering the problems that Pokemon GO has come to, I want to believe that the developers will have enough zeal, patience and resources to keep our interest with you as long as possible.

Already today, bounty hunters take to the streets of cities in different parts of the world, and you can become one of them.

According to the developers in the game, you will have something to do. There are 4 main areas of gameplay waiting for you:

Battle – you can destroy zombies in the real environment of your house and city
Exploration – You will have to go for a walk to explore up close, or go for trophies on horseback
Collecting – you will collect weapon cards, partner cards and special privileges
Interaction – you will start communicating with acquaintances and not very people in order to get the most valuable bonuses, for this, a whole messenger with themed pieces has been built in here
For all this, the developers suggest that you use almost any corner of the land, and the action of the game really changes as you move around the city.

Curious, but is augmented reality here for show?

No, the elements of augmented reality are here for a reason. Some of them will become the main gameplay, which you are unlikely to be able to deceive.

Firstly, you can fight zombies not only in normal visual mode, but also with the help of augmented reality, built on the Apple AR Kit engine.

When you turn it on, the game prompts you to scan the floor to figure out how to position all the participants in the batch on it.

To be honest, on my iPhone 7 this mode takes too long to start. Perhaps the whole point is in the test version of iOS 12, but for the first time I encountered such a slow operation of a gadget that has served me faithfully for the second year.

Secondly, you not only can, you need to get up from the couch or chair, put on your favorite sneakers and go outside. The set of locations around depends on your real movement.


This is how you can detect not only real clusters of the walking dead, but also various useful objects, which I would even call places of power.

No, sometimes it is enough to take just a couple of steps or launch the game in a café, in an office, on the subway, and so on.

It seems that everything is too confusing here, convince me!

No, on the contrary, now the game seems too simple to me.

By and large, you need to look for interesting groups of zombies and objects around, kill the walking dead and collect cards. The latter will give you access to new weapons, which will have to be improved, and companions from the series.

Of course, social interaction will add variety to the gameplay, but that will be further.

The process of fighting zombies seemed too simple to me. You just need to shoot them with tapas in certain places on the screen. Headshot damage increases, that’s all the math.