The best tennis simulators for PC

Virtual tennis is not as popular as, for example, football or hockey simulations, but it also has its fans. It is to them that we dedicate this collection, which contains the most worthy tennis games (large and table tennis).


The most dynamic and funniest virtual reality table tennis game ever. In addition to the exciting process of the game Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR attracts attention with its unusual concept and storyline: the player is invited to participate in the “Galactic Championship” among robots who love ping-pong, and face to face with 16 different opponents.

The game also features competent AI opponents, high-quality physics, several game modes (arcade and full simulation), multiplayer, unusual style and an abundance of possibilities for customizing its virtual prototype.


We continue the theme of tennis and invite you to get acquainted with the game Full Ace Tennis Simulator from the developers of the Galactic Gaming Guild. Deep and realistic gameplay, taking into account all even the smallest details of this sport, offline and online modes, and much more awaits tennis fans in this wonderful game.


Tennis Elbow 2013 – tennis without visual delights, but with the best game mechanics among all realistic tennis simulators. And all because people who really love this sport and give it a significant part of their real life – the Mana Games studio – took part in its creation.

The game has an intuitive and at the same time allowing to reveal the full depth of gameplay control, an abundance of tactical possibilities, 300 tournaments with more than 3,000 players, various game modes and much more.


Table tennis simulator for VR with support for Player versus Player mode and the ability to play against AI. An excellent simulation of the game of table tennis with well-developed physics and several modes of difficulty – nothing more.


First-person tennis requiring a VR helmet. Although First Person Tennis is in Early Access, it is already able to impress with quality gameplay and an amazing atmosphere that accurately conveys the feeling of being in a real tennis arena. An abundance of modes, tournaments, split-mode and other obligatory stuff is also present in it.


Let’s move on from the topic of tennis simulators to managers for a little while. And among them, to an insulting insignificant number, the Elbow Manager project from Mana Games deserves attention. These guys have long been very active in tennis-themed games (including simulators), and have never given a reason to doubt the quality of their projects.

In Elbow Manager, the player takes on the role of coach of several rising tennis stars at once and begins to solve a whole range of tasks related to this position: planning and conducting trainings, organizing matches, finding sponsors, recruiting staff, and more.

In the second part, the players will once again plunge into the world of professional tennis and assume the role of a coach who will train athletes (up to 9 people at a time). In addition to sports activities, gamers will also be in charge of the management of sports clubs and will solve various financial issues (buying new inventory, equipment, increasing the level of development of the institution, and so on).


A series of tennis games, the first two of which are available for PC. But it should be borne in mind that Top Spin and Top Spin 2 came out a long time ago – in 2003 and 2006, respectively, so that the models of tennis players, their movements, and the entire visual part as a whole, may seem very unassuming by modern standards.

But outdated graphics does not stop many gamers from classifying the series as one of the best tennis simulators. To be convinced of this, just look at her rating on the Metacritic portal or read what the largest video game sites write about her. Top Spin is undoubtedly a classic of PC sports simulators, like Virtua Tennis, which significantly influenced the development of the genre.


A series of arcade tennis simulators launched in 1999 by Sega . It was released in 2011 and is still considered one of the best.

We also recommend for review the previous game in the series – Virtua Tennis 2009, available on PC, and Virtua Tennis 3 (also considered by some fans to be the best in the VT line). And the most recent game for the series as a whole – Virtua Tennis Challenge, appeared in 2012, and is available only for mobile platforms. After her “Sega” series Virtua Tennis sent to “rest” and until now has not returned to her.

A feature of the series is that, with its obvious arcade character (the presence of various super attacks, a pumping system, all kinds of mini-games, and others), it has a pronounced entourage of tennis: excellent portrayal of courts and players, impressive animation, the presence of licensed players.


Nice tennis simulator with all the proper mechanics. Here you can create your own player and start a career mode playing alone or in co-op with a friend, or experience other modes such as: Legendary matches, Challenges and so on. In the process, you can meet sports stars, including Ash Bartee, Rafael Nadal, Angelica Kerber and others.

Another feature of AO Tennis 2 is the ability to customize almost all options. Beginners can turn off parameters such as realistic flight path, impact force, and so on. For tennis lovers, we recommend turning the realism to the maximum.