Walkthrough Life is Strange 2

The events of the new season of Life is Strange are dedicated to new characters, but they are part of the game’s universe, which means that the consequences left by our previous heroines – Chloe and Max, could not go unnoticed. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, you will be asked if you played in the first season of Life is Strange. Through this, the game can be transferred to the events that occurred in the first season, namely the salvation, or vice versa, the town of Arcadia Bay.

We are watching the introductory video. Our new hero, Sean, is trying to bring a girl from class to an upcoming Halloween party. But his girlfriend helps him in this. All the way home, he and Lila are busy discussing the evening. Having reached the place, the heroes decide to smoke and at the same time make a list of necessary things. You can start collecting. But first, we decide who (father or brother) gets the last chocolate bar.

We examine the backpack by the door to examine the contents, and also get acquainted with the main tasks again. We need to take some food, drinks, a blanket with us and ask for some cash from our father. To switch to the backpack at any time, use [Tab]. Use the [Q] and [E] keys to switch to the rest of the tabs, where the phone, diary, collectibles and souvenirs that can be hung on a backpack are located.  In his diary, Sean will make sketches of events taking place with him. SMS is also worth reading to get to know the hero and his surroundings better.

And so, to begin with, let’s collect some food. We open the cabinet, we take away chips from there. Don’t touch the Halloween sweets. We open the refrigerator. We take the soda there. We go into Sean’s room to collect something else. We look around. From what you need for a party, you need to take condoms in the nightstand and a pipe for smoking in the table locker. Also, to get the first achievement, you need to start drawing. Sean loves and will often paint if he finds a place for this. We sit down in a chair and first examine the object.  After focusing, go back to the sheet, hold down [LMB] and move to start drawing. We look at the room again to add more detail to the drawing. The sketch is ready. We look at the last posts at the computer and move out of the room.

Now we need to get some money. We go down to the basement. We turn on the light. You can immediately pick up the blanket.

We approach the father. He asks for a key from the red box. He will not be there, so we are looking elsewhere. You need a 16 flexible ratchet wrench. It can be found on the hood of the car. The folder guesses why the son came to him. He agrees to give money, provided that we tell him the truth, that this money will go to weed and alcohol. As a result, we get as much as $ 40.

Having collected all the necessary things, we go to the backpack and pack all the stuff. Now we move into the room to call Lila on Skype. Suddenly, in the middle of the conversation, Daniel runs into the room and Sean pushes him out of there just as quickly. During a conversation, you can interact with objects, for example,

draw Lila or leave the ball. We look at the photo that Jen posted on her page. After a while, screams can be heard from the street. We look out the window, Daniel got into something on a hike. Having run into the street, you will have to make the first moral choice of the season. Regardless of the option, what happens will happen … This concludes the prologue, opening a new chapter about the brothers’ adventures.

They wander along the road tired and hungry in search of a place to sleep. Apparently, the younger brother doesn’t know what happened to their father. On the side of the road, they find an abandoned car. Inside which is your favorite chocolate bar. The boy notices the bar and asks to buy it in the store. But we can take it.

Attention! This minor choice will affect what follows. We can also discuss with the small one various finds and things found around, such as leaflets or a dead raccoon by the road. This action is indicated by a blue border around the action. Look carefully at what you are discussing with your brother. some things can scare him or something will follow, for example, the brother’s attitude towards the hero.
There will be a toilet at the beginning of the path along the path. We ask the brother if he wants to go in advance. We persuade our brother not to sit with his bare ass on poison ivy later. Then we follow the guiding marks that will lead us to the place to sleep. We approach the tree with the mark and show the brother how to use them.