Sniper games for Android

But not all gamers are able to fully enjoy dynamic post-shooting games – some have less well-developed reflexes, some prefer more thoughtful and calm gameplay. For those who like to shoot, but would like to avoid unnecessary fuss, a special subgenre of the shooter was created – the sniper simulator.

Many of the first mobile shooters belonged to this genre – technical problems and a lack of experience in creating interfaces adapted for smartphones affected. Nowadays, classic shooters feel quite comfortable on mobile platforms, but sniper games still do not lose their popularity. Almost all the games presented in our top, with rare exceptions, are available in the Playmaker for free.


This project gives you the opportunity to feel like a special forces sniper, performing complex tasks to rescue hostages and eliminate especially dangerous criminals. At the same time, you will perform some of the tasks directly from the board of a police helicopter, which will force you to take into account when firing not only the wind speed, but also the trajectory of your own “turntable”. As in “adult” simulators, after each successful shot, you can enjoy the flight of the bullet in slow motion. Successful completion of missions unlocks access to new rifles.


True, in this case, you will have to limit yourself to the passage of the storyline campaign – P2P battles with players from all over the world will become unavailable in this case.


This shooter combines the methodical gameplay of sniper duels with hurricane sweeps of rooms and other objects from hordes of opponents. The tasks awaiting you depend on which game mode you choose. In the story campaign, you will have to complete a variety of missions – from eliminating important targets to providing cover for an assault group. In the dueling arena, you can take part in a sniper duel against another gamer. Finally, in Massive P2P, you’ll engage in dynamic survival shootouts. Victories in each of the modes will help you unlock more powerful weapon models.

The game has a well-developed clan system, and participation in one of them will not only allow you to communicate with other gamers, but also open up access to clan missions, in which you can get especially valuable rewards.


Most of the projects in our selection of the best sniper games for Android combine a story campaign with P2P modes and are more focused on online gameplay. Lone wolf is noticeably different from most of them, because there is no online mode in principle, and the whole game is a long storyline campaign with many unexpected twists and the ability to make difficult moral choices. Thanks to this, you can play without the Internet, which will allow you to fully concentrate on the twists and turns of the plot and preparation for the shot, without being distracted by advertising or in-game chat.

The plot of “Lone Wolf” revolves around a mysterious sniper protagonist who has been working as a hired killer for a criminal society called “Assembly” for many years. In addition to purely sniper missions, other types of missions await us, in which you will have to use other types of weapons (for example, bombs) and even kill opponents with your bare hands. The plot cutscenes here look like hand-drawn comics, which creates a great neo-noir atmosphere and makes the project even more related to such a masterpiece as Max Payne.


Here you have to carry out important tasks around the world, eliminating bad guys, sneaking into guarded bases and even destroying enemy equipment (for example, helicopters). Your squad, consisting of real thugs and specialists in their field, will be your faithful assistants in these missions. With your fire support, these guys will be able to destroy as many enemies as they want.

And thanks to the fact that all the characters in the game are made in the form of comic “stick figures”, the project manages to combine dynamic and spectacular action with excellent humor and unique style. Also, you will find 15 types of weapons, each of which has several upgrades, full customization of your character and 30 exciting missions.


If in the games from the famous Hitman series on PC your favorite was sniper missions, rather than dressing up and adjusting accidents, then this work from Square Eni Montreal is exactly what you need. Once again, you will be able to play as Agent 47, go on missions to different parts of the world and eliminate everyone who receives an order. The conditions and goals in the mission are completely different, so each time you have to apply new tactics. The most important thing is to wait until the target is left alone so that the people around her do not raise the alarm. The correct choice of weapons will help to cope with especially difficult tasks – each of the 16 rifles here has its own unique ability, such as slowing down time or a radar displaying enemies on the minima.

In addition to the goal, you will have to pay a lot of attention to your own weapons, the reloading and maintenance of which here are performed in the form of mini-games. And if you get bored with serious contracts, you can always play the fun zombie mode. The only drawback of the game is that, unlike most of the other games on our list, it is not available for free. But it costs quite a bit, but it allows you to again touch the atmosphere of the legendary series of stealth action games.


Most of the popular sniper simulators somehow include a zombie shooting mode. The creators of this project went even further – the whole gameplay consists of a zombie mode here. The shooting of brain-eaters is accompanied by a good story about a zombie virus, 16 completely different types of weapons (unusual types of weapons for such projects, for example, a crossbow and a katana, are adjacent to sniper rifles), a pleasant soundtrack and spectacular graphics. And the undead who got too close can always be treated to a “lemon”.

Separately, it pleases how much effort the developers put in to ensure that each type of weapon felt in its own way. Each of the barrels has its own scope and behaves very differently, so each weapon will be useful in certain situations.