She Will Punish Game Them Review

You look at the screenshots and wonder if there really is such a game in 2021. How can it be, it’s a pity that all the talent of the developers has gone into fantasies of an erotic nature. The only plus of this “game” is to make a bunch of screenshots of beautiful succubae. After all, there is enough of this good on the Internet.

You won’t be able to write a lot about this product, it’s too empty a game. Yes, she is in Early Access, but judging by the content she saw, she will die there. Now this creation, occupies the sixth line in the sales leaders, in steam around the world. And as for me, the developer simply does not begin to finish it.

The essence of the game

The game begins with the creation of a character, through simple manipulations we get a cute succubus. You can customize any parameter of the body, but we, with you, understand which part or parts everyone is setting up there. Here, perhaps, it is difficult to find fault, the tuner is made perfectly, but it could not be otherwise – this is the main “feature” of the game.

Next, we need to dress up. By the way, if you suddenly get tired of your heroine, you can change everything at any time. First, you will be given a couple of sets of underwear, everything is straightforward, stockings, shoes, garters, full stuffing. There is a room where you can buy additional items separately, for crystals from missions.

In fact, we have a “hub” with several rooms. In one you can buy equipment and minions, and a couple of rooms are purely for screenshots. The armor that will protect our heroine is worn separately, and you can optionally turn off its display. There is no story, we just kill enemies on the map. To get to the battlefield, go to the portal and select an area to clean up on the map. And forward, kill hordes of identical monsters.

Looking for gameplay

And what about the gameplay? And with him everything is bad. Once on the battlefield, we need to clear the area from enemies. There is practically no difference between opponents, the behavior is the same, the blows are the same, it gets boring quickly. For a kill, they give a little gold, and sometimes loot drops, which you will also sell, cool things rarely fall. In the corner of the screen there is a counter of enemies, we killed everyone and we can teleport home or to the next location. The combat system looks interesting at first glance, but when you look at the skill tree, you cannot see the ripe apples on it.

But in reality, everything is worse. There are a bunch of melee weapons, with the same attack animations, the only difference is in speed: heavy weapons and light ones. You spam with attacks, gained rage, made a special strike and on a new one. Skills, or rather magic, there are several options: set fire to enemies, slow down with cold in the area, and some kind of scream depuff. Pumping these abilities only changes the damage, no super spells will open.

Disastrous outcome

The balance is broken throughout the game. The enemy’s attacks are crooked, archers shoot it is not clear how. The enemy is in front of you, but you smear it over and over again, there is no target. The prices in the store are just crazy, I went through more than half of the map, and every time I entered the hub, I saw a new weapon only even more expensive. I somehow earned 10k, and when I came to the merchant, I saw a weapon for 200k, I still did not understand how it would be possible to make money on it. For the mission, they give one crystal each, and you can still knock out from the enemies, and the price for one stockings is 10, you will not be able to collect the entire wardrobe.

Finally, we can say that it is not worth spending money on this. The game is just a dummy, except for beautiful succubae there is nothing in it. There is no plot, just a set of identical locations with zombie clearing. Fighting is not interesting, with the same success it is better to play Dynasty Warriors, although you have a lot of different sets of blows there. Zero leveling, the balance is broken. And about graphic bugs, I just keep quiet.