zombie tsunami game review

Zombie Tsunami is a fun runner that will give a lot of pleasant minutes to all lovers of the zombie apocalypse theme. Zombie simulator for Android will pleasantly surprise you with its non-standard approach to this hackneyed theme.

Description of the game and gameplay

What if there are zombies around? And if a real tsunami comes? We must remain calm in this crowd, try to somehow survive. The city is attacked by crowds of the dead, and a small group of survivors are trying to resist an avalanche of mad and hungry zombies. Horror at every step, the threat of being eaten, torn apart – quite real to itself. A little nuance: the gamer is playing in this case … on the side of the zombie. That is, to sympathize with the living is irrelevant here.

The main thing is to constantly recruit people into the ranks of zombies, that is, to bite and convert them. Therefore, you can bring down cars, pick people out of houses and hiding places uncompromisingly and tirelessly. Here they can devour the whole family in a matter of minutes, take the prey out from under the nose. In the course of the action, you need to collect money, brains, fill your blood vessels with blood. Money can buy a hat, and the brain is exchanged for lottery tickets with bonuses (again money or leveling up).

There are about 300 missions, 8 types of bonuses and pumping, 11 different locations around the world. The game has a wonderful combination of graphics and meaning.  It is possible to download the Zombie Tsunami mod a lot of money and diamonds.

You can shoot down human equipment: cars, tanks, planes, buses, even garbage cans. There is a certain number of zombies at your disposal, they can be used as muscle power – to turn the technique, to suppress the enemy. There is also another resource in the game – gems, they are mined for coins or birds, viewing ads every 8 hours.

Why are there ninjas, dragons and UFOs in the game? It is not worth revealing all the surprises here, let the most curious ones get them.

Available mods and cheats

Downloading the hacked Zombie Tsunami is worth, first of all, opponents of advertising. Not only are bonuses given for it, but it appears only 4 times per day. On the one hand, this is not bad, but skill leveling will be eternal. And we have not that eternal life, the gamer is not a zombie. Therefore, many people want to download the hacked game Zombie Tsunami and not worry about waiting for buns.

Advantages and disadvantages of the game

This project can be easily and interestingly played for hours, there are practically no shortcomings in it. Pros:

simple control, the zombie runs by itself, you only need to direct the jump;
interesting idea;
a large selection of missions, many locations, different bonuses and skills;
beautiful graphics;
addictive gameplay;
good physics;
a lot of jokes, great humor.

If you download the hack Zombie Tsunami, the issue of progress and obtaining resources is resolved. In fact, there are no shortcomings here, except that the game is too addictive. This is a real time killer.

In the matter of passing, hacking the Zombie Tsunami for diamonds and money helps out. And there will be no salvation! Although … after all, we just need to destroy everything. This is the whole joke!

Among the trends is the death of humanity from a deadly virus that turns a person into a walking dead man. Zombies, terrible and disgusting, triumphantly marched across the cinema screen, moved to smartphones and tablets.

This review contains the best zombie games for Android: arcade, strategy, adventure and puzzle. The selection criteria were strict: the score in the Play Store was above 4 points, the number of downloads was over 500,000 and positive feedback from gamers.

An endless runner in which the player, with the help of one zombie, gradually turns all the unfortunate townspeople that he meets on the way into the same monsters. And now the zombie tsunami covers the city and threatens to flood the whole world! Note that this free game with animated green zombies has already been appreciated by over 50 million users.

Zombie Smash

We crush nimble zombies with a finger, not letting them get beyond the line.  At the player’s disposal are bombs and an electric fence for especially zealous monsters. The only drawback of this free game is the presence of ads.

Zombie Diary

An excellent free action game in which the last human survivor on the planet is confronted by a crowd of bloodthirsty monsters. Several types of weapons, numerous bonuses, hordes of zombies and beautiful animated graphics make the game as attractive as possible.