SimCity BuildIt – download, install and review the game

Good evening, dear friends! Have you already tried your hand at building cities on your mobile devices? If not yet, then it’s time to correct this misunderstanding. Today we will review the game and tell you where to download SimCity Buildout.

As noted earlier, the game is indeed very similar to its “older brother” – the original version of SimCity for desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac). Everything from the soundtrack to the graphics is pretty familiar. At the first start of the game, we are greeted by the assistant Eva, who, together with other advisers, will help the players get used to it.

And the first task that we have to complete is to pave the road from the new city to the main highway. All you have to do is select the road on the toolbar and just slide your finger across the screen. Completion of construction is confirmed by pressing the green check mark. Happened? Fine!

Now that our small town is on the map, we need to provide housing for our growing population. Townspeople build homes in the residential areas you create. Find the icon with the house on the right and click on it. Then drag and drop the house and place it next to the road to provide the townspeople with a cozy place to call their home.

This area is now ready for development. Click on the yellow construction helmet to see what materials are needed for the construction. To complete the construction of the house, drag the required materials to the construction area.

Now you know that we need materials for construction. The production of building materials is important for the development of the city. Let’s start by building a building materials warehouse to get the nails ready. Select the icon on the right and place the warehouse near the road.

Fine! Now let’s make a batch of nails. Click on the building materials warehouse and drag the icon with nails to the warehouse for the townspeople to start producing them.

The deed is done, now click on the nails to pick them up. These nails will be used to build new houses, which will increase the population – this is an important indicator of the development of the city. Building houses brings Simoleans and brings you closer to reaching the next level.

But what happened !? Energy is not enough to illuminate houses and streets, urgent action is needed, mayor!

You can choose between clean wind power and cheap coal. But keep in mind that your townspeople will suffer from bad ecology!

Red icons indicate a lack of energy, but now we have built a wind farm and electricity began to flow into the houses. Residents will thank you!

The city needs metal. Let’s build a factory to manufacture it. The factories produce the raw materials needed for the development of the city. Place a small plant by the road and confirm with a green checkmark. The plant should not stand idle. Click on it to get the first batch of metal, drag the corresponding icon onto the building. The production will take some time, after which you can collect the finished metal.

Citizens’ houses can be upgraded to make them more beautiful and spacious! Select a house and drag materials to the construction area to upgrade the building.

Wait a minute! It seems we forgot to supply the city with water! A little more and the city will start to stink, the residents would be nice to wash themselves! Rather, we choose Services and the section with Water. Now let’s place the water tower. Ready! Water enters the houses!

Who is this? Has the mayor of a neighboring city come to visit us?  He invites us to visit him for a while. It is inconvenient to refuse, we go to another city! In the upper left corner we find the icon with friends and by clicking on the friend’s icon we move to his city. There we will find a warehouse where we can buy the missing materials needed for construction.

Just look what a gorgeous city he has! Just do not be jealous, we will succeed too, but now it’s time to return home. We return to our hometown with a blue arrow in the upper left corner.

Well, the first inhabitants appeared in the city and it needs to be given a name! And now everything is ready for the construction of the first administrative building, shall we begin? First, let’s place the Town Hall, it can be found in the Services menu, the Power section.

I hope, Mayor, you have securely settled in the city, now you will be entirely on your shoulders to take care of the townspeople! Build new buildings, upgrade them, produce goods, play with your friends! Keep track of the city budget, which is represented by three currencies:

Simoleans are the main currency in SimCity. Simoleans can be earned by building and upgrading living areas, then collecting taxes in the City Hall.
Smash is SimCityBuildit’s elite currency. Smash is used to increase production and buy missing items. Smash can be earned by completing city achievements.
Golden Keys – they can be obtained for delivering cargo or for completing disaster trials. You will need Gold Keys to purchase City Specialization Modules.
In the game, you will find an icon with settings, where you can rename the city, turn on or off sound and music, read help and information about the SimCity Buildout game, set up notifications, and log in to Google Play or Facebook in order to save your gameplay and continue playing on other devices.