Review of the game Gangstar Vegas on Android


Download Gangster Vegas for Android is for everyone who at least once wanted to feel in the shoes of a bandit for whom there are no boundaries of law and morality. An explosive mixture of gameplay, special effects and storyline will impress anyone! The fate of the protagonist is only in your hands and only you can decide whether he will become a heartless killer, destroying everything and everyone in his path, or a noble punisher, whose weapons will be used only against villains and blood enemies. The player will face a huge city that has a life of its own and is fraught with both a huge variety of entertainment and many deadly dangers!

Gangster Vegas for Android will plunge the player into the world of crime, the most dangerous metropolis in the world – Las Vegas. The drive and the feeling of an endless stream of adrenaline do not leave the player from the first minutes of the game! You are an ordinary immigrant who came to a big city with the aim of earning a little extra money, and as a result got in touch with a criminal gang, who immediately accepted him into the ranks of their family and entrusted him with the task.

The protagonist, armed to the teeth, goes on an IR mission … fails him miserably, enraging the entire gang and providing himself, at best, with a bullet in the head instead of wealth. In the course of the plot, another gang lures us over to its side, which gives its protection in exchange for good service and the struggle for a place in the sun for their grouping. This is where all the fun begins! The main character, having already learned a lot in shooting and all the criminal intricacies, decides to take revenge on his past employer and save his life with a firearm in his hands.

Gameplay has become an equally important component of the Gangster Vegas game for the Android platform.   Story missions always wait for the player in certain places, marked on the map with a special marker. Do not want to participate in a vendetta, but want to entertain yourself and fully taste the delights of life in a big city? Grab the first gun you like, grab a better car from the first local resident and set off on an exciting journey through the streets of Las Vegas. Fortunately, for entertainment, the developers have provided for a huge arsenal of weapons (ranging from a pirate sword to huge firearms and rocket launchers), as well as an extensive city car fleet, among which there are sports cars, luxury sedans, SUVs and many other types of transport. Well, if you are more interested in adventures in real life, welcome to escape rooms in Moscow.

What do we end up with? The game has nice looking graphics, which, moreover, will not take up much space on your device and certainly will not require large amounts of RAM! This will allow even owners of budget smartphones and the cheapest tablets to play it. In a mixture with addictive gameplay and beautiful special effects, such graphics pleasantly please players and do not cause pain in their eyes and the desire to close the game as soon as possible. On the contrary, the views of the big city and coastal landscapes will surprise you so much that you will want to stop from time to time just to admire them! The plot is a separate conversation, for which I definitely want to praise the developers and advise all fans of driving adventures, freedom of action and the ability to create real chaos in games using all existing means of killing!

Games, which offer the pleasant opportunity to use all the weapons in the world for their intended purpose, have always been popular with the public. Still, only in such entertainment can you let off steam by destroying a couple of virtual people, while not firing a bullet towards the real ones. True, some particularly clever critics believe that such games negatively affect the psyche of the players and make them violent. Well, you can write a whole dissertation on this topic, but this is not why we are gathered here.

As you know, the most revered example of the “deadly sandbox” genre is the Grand Theft Auto series. Despite the fact that giants such as GTA III and GTA: Vice City have been ported to mobile platforms, Rockstar does not yet please iOS and Android users with full-fledged games for smartphones and tablets. Gameloft is another matter entirely. One of the most famous game series of this company is Gangster – a semblance of GTA, which already has several games to its credit. The release of each part is a whole event. The hero of our today’s review, Gangster Vegas, was not an exception, and was widely promoted by the developers. But did the game live up to the expectations of ordinary players? ..