Racing Fever: Moto Game Review

Game Review

The game features interesting gang mechanics. There are 3 different regions on the map, where one of the 4 gangs operates with its leader. You have to fight with them in races in order to gain reputation in one of the regions of the map. If you can defeat all four gang leaders, then you will have complete control over all areas and become the best racer in the area. The gameplay consists of several types of similar mechanics.

You can press the keys to make your car turn in a certain direction, or you can simply tilt the phone for this task. You can change the control option in the game settings.

Cheats and mods

There are several types of cheats and mods for the game. For example, in order to purchase new motorcycles, you will have to earn in-game currency, and this is done with painstaking work. Therefore, Racing Fever Moto offers the mod a lot of money. You can download the Racing Fever Moto hack at the link below.

The mod allows the player to get an unlimited amount of money, which can later be spent on purchasing new cars or upgrading old ones. Therefore, if you do not want to earn currency in the game for a long time and dreary, then you can simply download the hacked game Motorcycle Racing and enjoy the gameplay without wasting time making money.

A huge fleet of cars from a large number of cars will make you study their characteristics and choose the one that suits you best. The many locations where you have to carry out your races are distinguished by good graphics that will be pleasing to your eyes.

Among other things, you can simply download the hacked game Racing Fever Moto and do not be afraid that you will not have enough money for in-app purchases. Sometimes in the game, frame drops occur on weak smartphones, but this happens in rather busy scenes.

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Racing Fever: Moto from developer Game guru is an excellent first-person arcade racing game. Simple and intuitive controls, good visualization, a minimum of donation and a large fleet of motorcycles – there is everything a gamer needs to while away a few evenings.  Dashing chases, numerous obstacles on the way of the racer and the ability to play with real users – this is what the project from Game guru is remembered for. If you like the idea of ​​rolling out your “iron horse” and trying to get around all opponents, you can download Racing Fever: Moto to your computer and enjoy the gameplay on the big screen.

Features of the game

In front of the user is a racing arcade game with first-person control and specialization in motorcycles. In general, the gameplay is addictive, makes you go through one race after another with interest. However, over time, the gameplay becomes monotonous and boring. Especially if the user is not going to donate for professional and fast motorcycles. After starting the game, the racer goes to the main menu. The project is completely executed in Russian, so it is rather difficult to get lost in the options. The beginner will immediately be taken through the training and offered to purchase a simple scooter. Then you can start competitions, for now, with a computer opponent.

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Method 1

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