Six years later, Rovio released the sequel to Angry Birds. With new graphics and new gameplay, but with the same characters.

Between Angry Birds and Angry Birds 2, about two dozen games about “angry birds” have been released, but they cannot be considered a continuation of the first part. Most of them used the scenario of throwing birds at pigs, but had their own peculiarities – for example, the intersection with the cartoon “Rio” or the movie saga “Star Wars”. There were also releases that only heroes associated with the original game: Go Race, Pop Bubble Shutter, Match-3 Puzzle Fight, Action-Platformer Transformers and others. Angry Birds 2 is a direct sequel to the original, but with innovations that are used in several other Rovio games.

Game process

Shooting birds with a slingshot at pigs is still fun – that’s what Rovio thinks. As in other games in the series, each bird has unique abilities: breaks through walls, explodes, disintegrates into several parts, creates a powerful shock wave, and the like. Pigs hide behind obstacles, and the player’s task is to identify the weak point of the shelter and shoot at it.

The game has 240 levels, most of which are divided into several stages. It is impossible to go to a new level without completing the previous ones, and each loss takes away one heart. Five failures, and you will have to leave the game and wait for the energy to be replenished, or pay money.


At some levels, bosses appear – these are huge pigs, which are more difficult to defeat than ordinary ones. But there are no impassable levels here, the main thing is to know where to shoot.

Moving from level to level is now easier – no need to press extra buttons. Restarting the level an infinite number of times, trying to pass it as best as possible, is impossible – energy will be wasted.


The animation and graphics quality in Angry Birds 2 is beyond praise. Before the start of each level, you can see how the fortifications are formed, and after hitting the targets, chips and stones do not just fall to the ground, but fly in different directions, including towards the player. In virtual reality, such effects would look intimidating.

Also worthy of thanks to Rovio for the animated inserts with logical level linking. Because of them, the game becomes even more interesting – there is a false feeling that there is some kind of plot, development or meaning in it.

Unfortunately, I must say that the Rovio programmers have overdone the graphics – the game slows down even on powerful devices, and sometimes crashes on weak ones already at the first level. Image quality settings are not provided.

Angry Birds 2 is free to play, but Rovio sticks to this idea: you need to lure the player with excitingly simple levels and gradually increase the difficulty to such a limit that he will have to buy in-game currency and spend it on energy and powerups. In any case, the novelty turned out to be interesting, beautiful and most likely will not disappoint even the most hardcore Angry Birds fans.

It won’t be on Windows Phone, according to Rovio.

During this time, the legendary angry birds acquired a multi-million dollar army of players, received 13 different variations of the game and have long gone beyond the iPhone and iPad screens in the form of T-shirts, soft toys and even the park of the same name. Finnish studio Rovio has released a sequel to the original Angry Birds today. According to the head of Rovio, it took 3 years and several million dollars to develop the game. In the second part of Angry Birds, Angry Birds will face new characters, challenging opponents and sophisticated methods of fighting the eternal enemies – green pigs.

You play as angry birds who fight vile and cunning pigs.

In Angry Birds 2, the gameplay was practically not touched, but the graphics were tightened and more visual elements were added. Birds now look more realistic, and pigs fly in all directions, and can even crash into the iPhone screen.

The levels are longer and can have several stages, so save the birds. Especially do not scatter every 5th level when the boss arrives on a flying ship to help the pigs.

When you can’t cope with opponents with an evil look and super-fast flight, you can use one of the trump cards in your stash.

For example, duck rain, which destroys the construction of pigs or freezing, it will turn all the details of the structure into ice, and a blue bird destroys it very much.

The level map in Angry Birds 2 stretches across different locations and seems endless. Initially, 200 levels are available in the game, but new ones will be added with updates.

After passing level 25, the Arena will open its doors. This is a new mode, with endless levels and daily rewards, where you can compete with your friends and players around the world.

The former legendary flock fights with pigs – a classic red bird, a reactive yellow bird, a trio of blue birds, Matilda, which falls on pigs like a bolt from the blue, a black “bomb” and an older huge brother of the red bird. In the original Angry Birds, the birds fought in an organized manner, and now you are free to choose which bird to launch next.  If the “shells” are over, and there are still live pigs on the battlefield, you are given a choice – to surrender or purchase cards for crystals, and when you spend everything, you can buy them for money. Yes, the game is free and the developers in every possible way offer you to spend money from a real wallet on the war with pigs.

Not spared Angry Birds 2 and the widespread model with the restoration of lives. If you lost five times, wait half an hour for the heart to recover, watch an advertisement or pay.