Review of the game Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto City or Auto Theft Gangsters, then of course you can’t ignore the latest version of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints from publisher Gameloft. Own familiar role-playing game with a huge, living world. In particular, this game depicts the beautiful Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, with buildings, modern roads and beautiful beaches … is sure to make the player fall in love with the beautiful picture on the screen.

Currently, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for PC is the best game in this genre with convenient controls using a mouse and keyboard.

Coming to Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, players will experience the complexities of Brazilian society, lurking in danger at every turn. The game revolves around the famous names of the criminal society, the slums are full of social evil. Players must constantly confront dangerous criminals who are always trying to kill you to show their authority. Your task in this game is to kill all opponents, recruit new gang members to fight for the expansion of the territory.


Similar to other action games, the gameplay of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints for PC and laptop is pretty straightforward. You will turn into a true gangster by completing assigned tasks to become the head of the criminal world. You can rob, kill, steal someone’s car and make it yours.

Control system

Tasks in the game from simple to difficult will allow you to plunge into the criminal world in its very inferno. Players must complete missions that require flexibility and cunning if you don’t want to be easily knocked down by enemy fire. You can infiltrate their base, get some kills, complete missions and get rewards.

If you don’t want to do these boring tasks, you can drive and watch the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro, or dive into sandy and windy beaches where hot girls are relaxing.

Weapon system, variety of costumes

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints brings you the most advanced weapons, from melee to long range, be sure to make sure you try each one. In addition, cars from renowned car manufacturers such as Ford, Ferrari, Mazda, Audi, including supercars. In particular, the game is constantly being updated, forcing players to complete even more interesting tasks.

After completing each mission, you will receive the appropriate amount to equip your character. It is possible to buy stylish suits that offer a glamorous look, stylish shoes from expensive brands.

Graphics and sound

The game is equipped with a 3D graphics format to make the image even more realistic. Everything is crafted from the smallest detail carefully to bring players a romantic city with a vivid view. The sound of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is also an interesting moment, all things in the game have a sound like in reality – this makes you completely immerse yourself in the game.

If Gangstar Rio: City of Saints won’t launch or work on PC, don’t worry. This explains the simple reason for releasing updates to a game or application. The developers are constantly improving them and releasing better versions. If your program for emulating mobile applications on Windows can be updated “automatically”, then use it. When this is not possible, you just need to download the apk file with the updated version of the game or application from this page and run it. Or update the emulator.

It is necessary to try hard, hard to disgust the picturesque mountains, azure beaches and sunny boulevards of Rio de Janeiro. However, Gameloft now has this dubious achievement. Who else could do that?

Contrary to the canons of the genre, we do not start Gangstar Rio as a small fry running errands. Quite the opposite: Raoul is an authoritative level 17 gangster who walks around the city in an expensive suit and tastes the blessings of life. But on the heart front, not everything is smooth. Low poly bandido would prefer to see the hands of his beloved not on his crotch, but on the shoulder of the future offspring. Only now bitchy Ana does not want Raul to leave the gang for the sake of boring family life, she is satisfied with the glamor of Rio’s club parties. The dissonance of interests is stopped by a hackneyed plot: a car with a not very sweet couple inside is blown up, sending the obstinate puta to heaven, Raul into a coma, and the player to the starting position in the “pumping” system.

Waking up in the hands of a fearful stripper, Raoul first of all runs to the mirror and … sees an unfamiliar face. In order to remove the traces of burns, a plastic surgeon conjured over him. A new physiognomy – a new goal in life: Raoul pathetically calls himself Angel (ā€œIā€™m a dead man. Call me Angel!ā€) And, even without dressing, runs out into the street. The plan for revenge is simple: we go to the once native gang, pretend to be a newbie, rub into the confidence of the leaders and, having found out who gave the fateful order, let the git out of the guts!

But first gangstar 3.0 needs to earn a reputation. In addition to successfully completed assignments, authority is given out for murders and dashing stunts on cars. With each level, the hero gains skill points and invests them in shooting, driving, melee skills and a health bar. A good idea on paper is just annoying. Missing a hundred points to “level-up”? Take the car quickly and skid around a tree. 30 seconds of drift – and Angel is already respected enough for the next story mission. Logic triumphs, and “tender” feelings for the game flare up with a new flame …