[Competition] Review of the game Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is positioned as a realistic racing simulator. I have been looking for something similar on Android for a long time, though I was hoping to download a formula-1 simulator, but that is what it is. Since I am a fan of motorsport, and I follow the Formula 1 championship especially closely, I spent a lot of time on racing simulators on various platforms. Now the time to play is only on the way from home to work and back, so I “got hooked” on Real Racing 3.

Description of the game

Unlike the Asphalt and Need For Speed ​​series, where you can participate in virtual street races, Real Racing 3 features competitions held on famous race tracks. The description of the application on Google Play is replete with loud theses like “REAL CARS”, “REAL TRACKS”, “GREAT RACES”, etc. Of course, “you can’t praise yourself – you walk like spat upon” … But in general, indeed, both the tracks and the cars – everything is quite accurately transferred from the real world to the virtual one.  Not only cars and tracks will be real, but also the struggle between the riders, and the damage received in this struggle, and departures from the track.  But still, artificial intelligence is not yet able to replace reality, and it seems to me, fortunately.

In the game, and this is quite usual, there are several worlds (well, or in sports terminology, it would be more customary to call this phenomenon a championship). In this case, the world is a set of competitions in which only certain car models can participate. Competitions open in groups in the process of passing by the player already open. To participate in the new championships, you just need to have at least one of the valid cars.
Some “tugriks” R $ are used as a currency. And also gold is at the disposal of the virtual athlete. In addition, naturally, depending on the results of the competition, the skill of the rider grows. And, of course, various achievements are taken into account like “Accelerated to 250 km / h”, “Participated in 100 races”, etc. True, the player benefits from such achievements, no money, no gold …
You can buy cars for both R $ and gold, or rather, some cars can be bought only for a certain amount of R $, and some – only for gold. Unfortunately, there is no R $ rate to gold … Cars can be improved, repaired, repainted – everything is here, as in any good-quality racing game. True, you can only repaint in a limited number of colors, and each car has its own set. But modernization with repair has its own nuances, but more on that later.
You can race as a guest if you are not logged in, or under your favorite nickname if you are logged into your facebook account. The game starts both with an active connection to the Internet, and in its absence, which is actually a big plus, since often modern games cannot be launched in an airplane, subway and other areas outside the global network for not always clear reasons (including license verification). Developers pay a lot of attention to their Time Shifted Multiplayer system, when you can participate, so to speak, in a network game, the participants of which are not online now, but once were there, and showed a certain result.
Statistics are kept of what percentage of the world (championship) has already been passed, although this value is calculated exclusively by prize places. For completing 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the championship distance, the player receives bonus money and gold. Also, of course, bonuses “arrive” for increasing the player’s skill.
In general, probably everything. Now let’s get down to the details.

Launching the game

During the launch of the game, you can have time to do a few simple daily activities, for example, go to the toilet, drink some water, change the channel on the TV.  Everything can be understood, very high-quality graphics are used, a lot of cars, a lot of tracks, a lot of little things have been taken into account, but for me this is not the same level. In the end, the developers clearly forgot about optimization, and much more will be said about this. And given that the game often crashes, the wasted time is annoying. For example, in the train I start the game, fold and remove the headphones (due to the fact that they are not needed, it will become clear below why), and then the main screen finally appears.
First the EA badge, and then the rather scary monkey face appears. When I first started it, I even had the thought that I had downloaded some kind of virus, not a race. It’s like some kind of hacker is smiling, and I won’t be able to remove this picture for a long time. But it carried