Hitman Sniper game review

Hitman Sniper is a first-person shooting range made by Square Eni as a further development of the Sniper Challenge promotional minigame for Hitman: Absolution. The main character is Agent 47, familiar from previous games in the series, sent to the mountains of Montenegro to eliminate several dozen targets.

In total, the game includes 150 missions with additional tasks. Before you download Hitman Sniper, you need to know that the game is paid, and there is support for microtransactions, thanks to which the project has become one of the most profitable games in Square Eni.

Hitman Sniper gameplay

The action takes place in a mountain villa. This is the only location where players have to complete missions. At the end of the passage, points and game currency are issued, for which you can improve weapons. You can get a new one in three ways: get into a special league, pay with real money, or collect parts that drop out for completing additional tasks.

Objectives must be killed for a reason, but with adjusting accidents – for this, a lot more points are given. And in order to learn how to adjust them with the help of interesting chips in Hitman Sniper, the passage will come in handy.

How to pass Hitman Sniper

In fact, the Hitman Sniper walkthrough is a typical solution to a variety of puzzles that are slipped by the developers. The campaign is divided into several episodes, each with problematic levels. It is worth learning about them in more detail.

Several tips for passing:

sometimes useful information can be found in briefings;
if you shoot a corpse again, it will move – useful when you need to hide the body;
each rifle has its own parameters of shot power and damage, so they will have to be changed from mission to mission;
the starting weapon can come in handy in the last episodes;
open assassinations promise big problems, so the targets must be eliminated quickly, you should always devote half a minute to study the situation in order to destroy a group of targets at once with one combination;
Sometimes in Hitman Sniper, a quick kill is required, this is a simple task, to complete it, you just need to kill the guards in any order, but it is always better to start from the bottom of the villa, so there will be less chance of raising an alarm.
Additional tasks are generated by the game itself, so sometimes the conditions for passing may differ from those described below.

Chapter 3

The main difficulties and interesting challenges begin in Hitman Sniper from Chapter 3. On the first task, the goal will be to score 700,000 points and kill the target with a domino effect. From the very beginning, you need to shoot at the cars below in order to attract the guards.

At this moment, you need to shoot at the glass railing, and he will fall down. This will fulfill the condition of the domino quest. Then you need to kill the guard on the roof when he is standing near the edge. Then you can shoot at the shield near the fan, and when the guard approaches him, repeat the shot to kill him. Now, in the presence of explosive bullets, you can activate them and just start shooting clusters of targets. Basically, you need to kill people on the roof, so you can get more points.

On task 3 there is an additional goal – to kill the running guard. It is enough to arouse suspicion, or just start shooting them openly. People will start running, and it won’t be difficult to kill the guard. You just need to catch the enemy in motion.

Chapter 4

In Hitman Sniper, Chapter 4 is one of the final episodes. At this point, the player should already have powerful weapons and skills to destroy enemies. Therefore, kill streak calls will not be a problem. However, the developers make the game more difficult, since it will be more difficult to set records.

Also in Hitman Sniper chapter 4 task 4 you can face some problems. Most of the enemies are outdoors, and the additional objective is to kill 4 people with X-rays. There are several guards on the second floor of the villa.

Almost half of their bodies are covered, so a hit in the head (you need to shoot through the wall) instantly counts the completion of the task. The main thing is to prevent your own discovery. The guards can easily track down the killed, and the main target can hide.

On task 6, you need to kill 4 targets with an explosion in 20 seconds. Naturally, explosive bullets will be required, so it is best to open them beforehand. You can complete the level as follows:

The first two targets can be detonated on the street. When the guard is at the shop with an alcoholic, you can shoot under it to kill both.
You can shoot him and he will explode. A guard and one man are constantly standing next to him.
You can liquidate the target in any way, either through an explosion or just to the head.

How to create a domino effect

The domino effect in Hitman Sniper is when one target kills another. This requires luck and skill. There are two places in the game where you can kill two targets with a domino effect.

The first is located near the garages. It is necessary to shoot at the right van to turn on the alarm and thereby attract the attention of the guard. Meanwhile, another guard is resting a couple of floors higher. When he leans against the glass railing, you need to shoot at them. The guard will fall, crushing the lower one.

Hitman Sniper also has a big fan. He’s not far from the elevator. There, too, you can make a domino effect. It is necessary to shoot at the dashboard, it will attract the guards. Further, the actions are similar – a shot at the glass railings, and now one guard presses down his less fortunate comrade. You can get an additional bonus if you shoot at the shield again – the body will be blown away and give points.

How to kill with an x-ray

To kill with an X-ray in Hitman Sniper, you have to wait until the enemy is hidden behind some cover, after which you need to turn on the X-ray and shoot him in the head. This is how the X-ray murder is done. Most objects can be shot through, so there shouldn’t be any problems with this trick. The main thing is that it is desirable that the target is completely hidden behind the object.


Download Hitman Sniper – this is one of the most interesting mobile games thanks to its variety. The player can use a whole bunch of different interactive objects to kill targets. The negative aspects of the game include only a small amount of content – the main actions take place only in one villa and nowhere else, which becomes boring after a few hours of active play. For anyone interested in Hitman Sniper, the review will help you make a choice whether to spend your time playing. Definitely worth it, thanks to these methods of passing the levels.