Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Game Review

The game Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble is imbued with the spirit of thieves’ life, although the prison chanson does not play in the background, and the inmates do not threaten with reprisal. The game itself provides the player with a cartoon version of the difficult life of a young thief who has already managed to do a lot of things and get himself in trouble.

Gameplay and features of the game on PC

There are enough games about thieves and their adventures on the Internet, but this one is radically different in several ways at once:

Firstly, this is, of course, the visual part. The top view allows you to objectively assess the situation and pave the most convenient and safe way for yourself.
All locations are bright and colorful enough. All rooms are lit, so you don’t have to worry about a danger or something of value lurking in a dark corner that you haven’t stolen yet.
The cartoon graphics do not strain your eyes and allow you to relax as much as possible during the game.

Places where something interesting can be located are indicated by twinkling stars, so it is quite difficult to miss or not see them.
At each level, enemies of varying degrees of danger await you. These can be traps, video cameras, a chain dog, or even an old lady. Do not underestimate her, she is still quite lively! As soon as they notice you, some immediately call the police, and some still try to catch up with you and take away everything that you have already taken from them. And if it is easy to entangle the dog in its own rope, then getting out of the field of view of a video camera that has already noticed you can be a serious problem.
If you still think that this game is from the category of take everything you see and run, then no, this is not at all the case. To pass the level you need to find the thing you need in the story and, if possible, collect everything that you find along the way. And for this you will have to solve various puzzles, hide and, most importantly, be quiet.
The game has a plot, according to which the main character managed to commit a fault in front of the local Mafiosi and now he has to make amends by methodically robbing those houses, which will be pointed by the imperious finger of his boss.

Game controls

Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble for Windows has a pleasant intuitive operation and a completely understandable interface. In addition, there is a tutorial in the game that will show and explain the purpose of all the buttons located on the screen.

Movement is carried out as standard using the w, a, s, d buttons or a special joystick located in the lower left part of the screen. On the right is the acceleration button. It will come in handy in those moments when you need to break away from the chase of an evil dog or hide from the all-seeing eye of a video camera. Also in the game there are some additions in the form, for example, a poisoned donut, after which the victim immediately runs to the nearest toilet, clearing the way for movement.  There is everything that you may need: a poisoned donut, a clockwork mouse that moves around the room and hits the walls, distracting the attention of the guards, an invisibility potion that temporarily makes you invisible, allowing you to pass freely right in front of the guards’ noses; mine is a teleport, a key with which you can open all doors, an energy drink with which Bob becomes faster, which means that everything around him slows down, a radio-controlled car, a noise generator and an invisibility suit.

All these things can be bought in the in-game store, which can be entered using the corresponding button in the main menu.

How to install Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble on a computer

If you still decide to download the game Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble on your computer, then you can do this in two ways:

Method 1. Install from the Play Market.

To do this, you need to download the Play Market for your computer.
After a double click, the installation of the program will start, after which the corresponding icon will appear on the desktop.
In order to download the game, you just need to enter its name in the search bar at the top and click on the “download” button.


Despite the seeming simplicity, we have an excellent stealth arcade game that can capture the attention of not only children, but also adults for long hours. As you progress through the levels, it becomes more difficult, tasks are more interesting, and the options for passing are more varied. However, along with the tension of having to hide and hide all the time, the game also evokes pleasant and exciting feelings of anticipation of future levels and the development of the plot. Sometimes you have to strain your brains and laugh and be indignant, why are these cute old people so big-eyed, and video cameras – fast. Well, you can download Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble to your computer right here on this site. The main thing to remember, as it is written in the criminal code: taking someone else’s is very bad.