Bridge Constructor: build bridges


Bridge Constructor, developed by Leadup Games, is hardly something that users like at first sight. No, the first impression, on the contrary, may not be very good. Judge for yourself: overly intuitive controls, dim graphics, all this at the first stage can be repulsive. But, of course, at the very beginning, the player receives instructions, following which he can quickly figure out what’s what. Most likely, there are those who quit playing after a few minutes, but in vain. Because behind an unremarkable shell hides an interesting puzzle that will make you fall out of reality for a long time.

Description of the game Bridge Constructor for Android

The meaning of the game is incredibly simple: you need to build bridges connecting the banks between ravines and rivers. Moreover, each time a certain amount of money is given, which must be spent on the purchase of materials. At the same time, it is important to take into account that the constructed bridge must meet all the laws of physics, and also be strong enough to withstand the weight of passing cars. Only in this case the level will be considered passed.

To conduct design testing, you can use either cars or trucks. At the same time, the game is made quite realistic, and there is even a possibility that a passenger car will pass through a not very strong structure. But a truck will not be able to pass exactly on such a bridge. It is because of this that bridges that have passed the test with trucks bring you a much more significant bonus.

At the very beginning, on the first level, you need to build a very small bridge, for which a decent amount is allocated. But with an increase in the level, the tasks will be more difficult, and less money will be given for their implementation. So, by the third level, the difficulty will seriously increase. So if you don’t want to lose, then building a relatively solid structure will take some thought.  The only thing that remains the same is the need to start construction from white dots every time. After that, in addition to white dots, yellow ones will already begin to appear. It will be possible to fix concrete structures in them, which are much stronger, but also more expensive. But if this happens, then had recovery is a completely solvable issue.

Features of the game Bridge Constructor for Android

Since the construction is quite painstaking, it is better to save from time to time. So, you can do this every time a part of the structure is erected correctly, and you are confident in its reliability. For example, after you’ve built a good foundation. Next, you will need to build supports for it, but since the base itself will remain unchanged, this fragment can be saved. Another advantage of the game is that any bad move can be undone. Also, if you do not like your bridge at all, clicking on the basket, you can completely destroy it.

The music for Bridge Constructor is well chosen, it is calm and unobtrusive, due to which it perfectly contributes to a thoughtful game filled with leisurely thoughts.

The new game from Leadup Games should appeal to those who love really difficult puzzles that need to sit on for a while. And especially to those whose profession, in one way or another, is related to engineering and construction. True, it is likely that such people will even find it too easy and simple. But the humanities will have to make an effort to build a quality bridge and go through all the levels.  All user successes are recorded in the game itself. You can also show them off by showing them to your Facebook friends.