Bus Simulator Indonesia Game Review

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a great game that challenges gamers to drive a huge bus. You have to get behind the wheel of a real steel giant to set off to conquer entertaining tracks. The roads of Indonesia attract many players from different regions of the world. Feel free to start the engine and go on your first big flight. Anyone can download Bus Simulator Indonesia to a computer. To do this, PC owners must follow a few simple steps. In a couple of moments, you will begin to boldly use all the advantages of the simulator.

About the game

Bus Simulator Indonesia for PC is sure to please all fans of car games. Players will have to transport passengers to authentic cities in Indonesia. Long distance will not be monotonous, you need to adhere to all traffic rules. Each violation can lead to an unpleasant and dangerous accident. You will surely come across other buses and cars on your way. You should be extremely careful when overtaking, as another car will rush in the oncoming lane.

Drive a vehicle on the highways of Indonesia. The view of huge mountain peaks, big cities, tall palms and endless fields will delight all gamers. Thus, you can not only complete the next task, but also admire the beauty of the Indonesian cities and provinces. Here are real cities and routes.

The game amazes with a large number of unique elements. You will have to overcome various checkpoints, stop at traffic lights, pick up passengers, go around various obstacles and interact with other road users.

Gameplay and features of the game on PC

Bus Simulator Indonesia for windows is one of the most interesting bus simulators of our time. Users who start the game for the first time are taken to the main menu. Gamers are required to log in to immerse themselves in the gameplay. You can start a new career or take one specific route. It is also possible to visit your garage at any time, make a specific purchase in the play store or go to the settings. Your current score will be shown on the screen, and the best drivers will soon be on the highs core table.

It is very easy to start the game, for this you need to choose the desired route. Everything is ready to start, now you will go to the track. Your bus will be shown on the screen, as well as a huge variety of useful buttons. The driver must press the gas and brake in time and turn in different directions. Users who regularly play this simulator distinguish several features:

The presence of authentic cities and famous places in Indonesia.
Possibility to choose any available route.
Detailed leaderboard that anyone can take a place in.
Easy and intuitive controls.
Availability. It’s really free to start the game.
No crashes and freezes, the application works efficiently not only on mobile devices, but also on a personal computer.
Well-developed track design.
Unique points on the map, cities differ in design.

Good to know!

Driving is most fun in the first person. Thus, you will feel like a real city bus driver and a full participant in the movement.
Your career data will be regularly saved, after a while you will be able to ride a new path. It is also realistic to choose a unique design for your bus.

Game controls

The most important buttons in the game are Gas and Brake, located on the right side of the display.  Remember to change the camera view or beep. Owners of smartphones and tablets will perform all the manipulations by simply pressing the sensor. If you installed the simulator on a PC, then you will have to drive with a mouse and keyboard.

Find the version of the game you want and then complete the installation

Method # 2 is also pretty simple. Users need to save the archive available on the site on their computer or laptop. It contains an emulator (a program that runs mobile games on a PC) and an .ask file. Perform all the manipulations using the instructions.


It is really easy to become a real Indonesian bus driver by playing Bus Simulator Indonesia.  It is important to carefully guide the bus to get passengers to the desired point. Traffic rules cannot be disregarded because any mistake on a busy stretch of road causes a terrible accident. Only the best masters of their craft will make it to the leaderboard. Downloading Bus Simulator Indonesia to your computer is very simple. To do this, just install the Play Market program on your device or save an available archive. In a couple of moments, the gamer will begin to perform his first tasks.