Need for Speed: Most Wanted Game Review

Features of the game

A distinctive feature of the game was that after a long break in the series, the police reappeared. Now, any race could end not only with a prize, but also with a subsequent chase with the police, which, in turn, could end either with a successful escape, or with an arrest and a fine with possible confiscation of the car. Unlike the two previous parts, the game again features a gradation of cars from consumer goods to luxury class, which, however, is leveled by the wide tuning possibilities. Also, the game has the ability to slow down time (English speed-reader). The resource is replenished at high speeds and allows you to assess the situation and make a decision in an unforeseen situation (for example, a police jeep that unexpectedly takes off because of a turn, intending to ram the player). Replays have disappeared in the game, instead of them there is now a special opportunity to show some outstanding event from a spectacular angle. This happens, for example, when a road blockade is rammed or when there is a pronounced jump. Several types of competitions have appeared in the game (“betting” in the career mode): to leave the police for a certain time, to keep the pursuit for a certain time, and then to escape successfully, to ram a certain number of police cars, to break through a certain number of police blocks or blocks with spikes (after driving through spikes with all wheels, the player loses tires and can no longer drive his car). In addition, new types of races have appeared, for example, the checkpoint race. The game has a lot of new luxurious and fast and expensive cars, which were not in the previous part of the game, but do not forget that the police are ready for such difficulties. When it’s time to fight Razor, # 15 (at the start of the game) is blacklisted, someone tweaked so that in the middle of the race, the player starts to leak oil, and as a result, he stops in the middle (78%) of the track with a strong grinding and rumble in the engine, thus losing the race
The expulsion of the player from the city by street racers was prevented by unexpectedly arriving policemen. Razor takes the BMW and takes off to the first place on the list (in all lists that are kept under police surveillance) of wanted drivers thanks to the car of the protagonist, and at the same time, the protagonist is detained by Sergeant Cross and his assistant – very experienced police officers undercover. After a while, Mia, an acquaintance of Razor’s, dissatisfied with how dishonest he did to the newcomer, takes the hero, released from prison for lack of evidence, to Central Rosewood, and provides him with a garage and a car to participate in races. He begins to slowly move up the blacklist, gaining credibility and attracting the attention of the city’s police. In this he is helped by both Mia and illegal racer Rog, giving useful advice as you progress in the game. After the player fights with the antagonist Razor and wins, he is very determined and aggressive, and is not going to give up the car. A gang of already defeated street racers support him, ready to use force, but then Mia appears, incapacitates Razor, and stops the gang attacking her, revealing a holster hidden in clothes with a loaded pistol. Thus, it is revealed that Mia is actually an undercover police agent. Mia hands over Razor and the rest of the blacklisted riders to the police who arrived, but before they arrive, she throws the BMW keys to the player, giving them a chance to escape. All the city’s police forces (level 6 police) rush after the main character. It is no longer possible to hide in traditional shelters, since the police control all the safe places of street racers. After 5 minutes of pursuit, Mia calls to inform her that the only way to escape the pursuit is to drive along the initially closed road, fly over the unfinished bridge and get out of the city. Further events unfold in the next game in the Need for Speed series. Mia’s further fate remains unknown. Sergeant Cross, as it turned out in Need for Speed: Carbon, lost his police badge due to his and the player’s actions, and now pursues the main character in order to take revenge.

creation from the acclaimed series of games. Probably, many of the readers will decide that our opinion is due to the fact that several well-known companies were working on this project at the same time. However, in my opinion, this is not the point at all, but the fact that it combines everything for which we love the racing simulators that appeared on sale at that time. Hearing the words “Need for Speed: Most Wanted”, the mind is overflowing with pictures of thoughtful tuning and dizzying escape from the police chase, which is inevitable for those who decided to join this masterpiece. By the way, as part of this series, attentive creators continued to develop the plot until the last games of the series, and if you are familiar with the previous representatives, then immersion in the game world will be instant for you. The surprise is that everything that happens in the game happens exclusively during the day. The creators explained this strange decision by the fact that they failed to really illuminate the night side of the game and deprived their creation of this edge. Those who, during a short absence, managed to yearn for the chases of the cops, will certainly appreciate the return of this aspect to the game. If the police fail to catch you in a fixed amount of time, they will use a whole arsenal of ingenious ways to catch you. They will call for air support in the form of helicopters that will continuously follow you on your heels, jeeps that will race at breakneck speed towards you to knock you off the track. If your tires hit the spikes, air will quickly come out of them. You will come across an incredible number of human shields from police cars, the only way to overcome them is to crash into them at a terrifying speed. The incredible abundance of racing options that this game demonstrates is amazing. This is an ordinary lap, sprint, knocking out, race against time, fighter and other variations of racing, each of which has exceptional features, it is they who turn them into something unique. Taking into account all of the above, we can confidently call Need for Speed: Most Wanted a truly high-quality product among racing simulators, which deserves to be appreciated by a wide audience of modern connoisseurs of good games.