Roblox DPO (RBLX) Review from @InvestOrbita


The opening price of trading will be determined based on orders to sell and buy shares on the first day of trading. Based on the collected orders, NYSE brokers will compare the prices of the orders, forming a single share price.

The last sensational placement was the Palantir (PLTR) company, they went just below $ 10, and then after a couple of months they began to grow sharply and reached $ 40 at their peak, now their cost is about $ 24. The exact price of the shares is currently unknown, but, according to the bank Renaissance Capital, the starting price of the shares may be $ 45

As of January 2021, Roblox has over 199 million monthly active users, with over half of all children under 16 in the US playing it.

The Roblox story began in 1989.

Founders, David Basuki and Eric Kassel, programmed a physics lab called Interactive Physics to simulate 2D, which later influenced the approach to creating the foundation for Roblox.

Students from all over the world have used interactive physics to see how two cars crash or how they can build destructible houses.

The founders of the company, David Bauska and Eric Kassel, enabled developers to use the Lua language inside the Roblox platform to create game scripts. Lua is an interpreted language created by Roberto Yerusalimski for engineers at the Brazilian oil company Petrobras to give non-professional programmers a simple language for creating “scripts” (scripts) that run other programs and exchange data. As a result, Roblox has grown an army of 7 million game developers. Note, for comparison, that the Unity “game engine” is used by 1.5 million developers. However, the Unity engine is mainly used by professional teams.

Now games developed on the Roblox platform are played by 115 million people per month and 36.2 million per day.

The main players in Roblox are children under 13.

The top ten projects have more than 10 million users per month. Users have played each of the five most popular games such as Adopt Me, Jail Break, Piggy 4 to 16 billion times. An indirect comparison with Unity can be made: applications built on top of Unity are downloaded 3 billion times a month from 1.5 billion devices.

The company’s platform consists of three parts:

– Roblox client that allows users to play in 3-D worlds,

– Roblox Studio – developer toolkit,

– Roblox Cloud is the cloud infrastructure that the platform runs on.

Users buy rob axes using payment systems Apple, Google, as well as Amazon, PayPal, Blackhawk, pay, Vantiv, Isola.

The number of hours that users collectively spend playing games doubled from 4.8 billion to 8.7 billion hours per quarter.

User generated content requires moderation. To this end, the company is contracting 1,700 moderators. Computing is powered by 18,000 servers in its own datacenters and AWS cloud services.

Among the investors who invested in February 2020, the Chinese holding company Tencent, is seen as an attempt to open a window to China.

How are monetized

The platform is free, but the company makes money by selling virtual currency to users, which they use to buy virtual items and accessories.

To do this, several conditions must be met:

Be a Roblox Premium subscriber – costs range from $ 4.99 to $ 19.99 per month.
Be at least 13 years old.
The account must have at least 100 thousand roux.

Market research

Newson estimates the total gaming market (including console and desktop games) at $ 159.3 billion and predicts it will grow 9.3% this year. At the same time, the sector of mobile games (on smartphones and tablets) stands out, which will show an increase of 13.7% and will reach $ 77.2 billion.

Newson predicts that 38% of users will pay for games in one way or another. The total volume of the gaming market by 2023 (which also includes consoles and desktops) is predicted by Newson to exceed $ 200 billion.

Researchers at Absolute Market Insights promise the online gaming market will grow by 17.5% per year to reach $ 286 billion in 2027. They include mobile games on smartphones and tablets in the market.

The statistical aggregator Statista reports that the share of players in the global population averages 12.5%, and in the next three years will increase to 13.7%, after which it will settle at 13.8%.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to isolation, which has limited the range of normal entertainment, expanded the market, and this year 12.7% more people play than last year. The estimate of the growth rate of revenue jumped to 7.4%, which will be reflected in the reports of companies in the sector for the second quarter. In 2021, the rate is expected to return to 1.4%, followed by a decline to 0.3% in 2025.