Gardens capes. Game Review

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Gardens capes is a vibrant and colorful mobile game produced by Papyri. Players will have to collect match-3 puzzles, as well as improve and reconstruct their own garden.

The game begins by exploring a new domain: a large mansion run by Austin the butler. The man will ask you to help with the restoration of the garden, which was started by the previous owner. The once lush trees withered, statues fell, and a depressing desolation came to the garden. But with the arrival of the new owner – you, everything will change.

The huge Gardens capes is spread over the entire territory and is divided into lots. To make it easier for yourself, gradually clear one area after another. In each segment you will find interesting tasks from the category of planting a bush, painting a bench, and fixing a fountain.

But not everything is so simple. Firstly, completing the task is far from the fact that everything will go smoothly and without problems. Secondly, the butler is still a bore and he will constantly come up with new tasks.

Gardens capes is made in the form of a construction simulator with the addition of a puzzle “3 in a row”. To upgrade the garden, you need to earn stars, which are awarded for each round of the puzzle. For simple tasks, 1 star is enough, for more complex ones – two or three. Stars can be accumulated to complete tasks of any difficulty.

For fans of the genre, Gardens capes is nothing out of the ordinary. And everyone who tries to play will surely see the familiar mechanics. The game owes its success to interesting levels, a variety of game boards and a plot that is not limited to mindless collection of the same elements in a row.

Then you have to wait for the lives to recover. It takes half an hour to renew one life. At first, this is not at all noticeable, but the higher the level, the more difficult the tasks and the more attempts it will take to complete.

If you have the patience to wait, you won’t get tired of making a work of art from your garden, then Gardens capes is what you need for a pleasant pastime. Moreover, the game does not force you to donate at all.

For this you get an asterisk for which you can complete the task.

There are a whole bunch of tasks in the game – initially you will have to install benches in the garden to make it more convenient. Further tasks will be added, sometimes you have to sweep the garden, sometimes plant something in it. But for this you need asterisks.

For each passage of the level, you are guaranteed 1 star and gold, the amount of which depends on the passage time and the spent moves per level. Each level differs from the previous one in complexity and in the goals that need to be achieved in it. On one to collect apples, on the other – lemonade, and on the third to find gnomes in the foliage. Also, according to the traditions of the “match three in a row” genre, there are all sorts of bonuses in battle – bombs, fireworks and lightning that help clear the field.

For passing the levels, by the way, the reward scale will be filled. After filling out, you will receive a gift. At first, you will be rewarded with a whopping 1000 gold.
You can expand your garden by working with helpers. Choose an interior – benches, trees, and more. This all adds to the uniqueness. Of course, the variety is not the same as in The Sims, but do not forget that the game is browser-based.

There are a lot of puzzle levels, so you can play almost endlessly, constantly improving and polishing your garden to perfection.

Friends can also help you when you have difficulties in passing puzzles.

Also from the interesting, in the game there is a tape where you can view the actions of other characters. Photos that remind of significant events – from the beginning of the transformation of the garden, to celebrations and parties in it.

This adds to the liveliness of the game.