Minecraft game review

Minecraft is a sandbox game that has become the flagship of the genre. I must say right away that there is nothing to catch here for lovers of juicy textures and cinematically swaying grass in the wind streams! In fact, this is a hello from “two decades ago”. After a couple of hours spent in the open spaces of Minecraft, I immediately wanted to, wearing a leotard with three stripes and a Montana watch, to play Pacman on an arcade machine. Here you can do anything, or rather anything you have enough imagination for. You can build castles and destroy cities. To fight, to steal, but you never know what else.

Minecraft modes

Creative is a basic, free mode available to absolutely everyone. Life scales – no, the inventory never runs out of building materials. A real builder’s paradise.

Survival – in addition to construction, which in this mode is limited by factors such as a lack of materials and the search for food, so as not to starve to death, monsters also come to the surface, which will try to use you for other purposes, namely as a snack. Fortunately, they appear at night and the player can sit out in a pre-built shelter. To play in this mode, you need to buy a subscription and download the game client.

And finally, the Hardcore mode, which is a difficult variation of Survival. When a character dies, his entire world acquired by overwork is removed from the game server.

Enemies in Minecraft

Friendly – cows, lambs and other cutlets that can be killed, roasted and grilled under the cozy lighting of the fire. Also, from the tripe left after eating, you can build a bunch of useful items.

Neutral – only ago after being attacked. Here the flora and fauna is represented by wolves, giant spiders and even pig zombies (yes, exactly what we have been thinking about for a long time, but were afraid to say)! There are also endearment who will pounce on you as soon as you look them in the eye.

Hostile (where without them) – skeletons, zombies, slugs, lava cubes and other aggressive-looking vermin. There are dastardly classes like creepers that explode when approached. The new patch also introduces zombies capable of breaking through any barricade. So now just sitting out behind the walls at night will not work.

Minecraft maps

The cards are generated automatically and are striking in their scope. Comes up to 64,000,000 x 64,000,000 blocks! Each of them has three levels: biomes – a landscape divided into “biomes” – different eco-zones: desert, forest, etc. .; hell is a region filled with red-hot lava, a walk through which can turn into a real “roller coaster” and ender – the habitat of dragons and the already mentioned Endearment.

You can, of course, explore the world of Minecraft in normal, solo mode, but the fun begins when you enter the multiplayer game! Construction is acquiring, indeed, an incredible scale. YouTube is full of videos in which hundreds of people are involved in the construction, which makes it possible to build, as a result, truly megalithic structures.

P2P в Minecraft

If you thought that Minecraft is mainly about construction, and all these combos and dragons were created only to complicate the construction process, you are wrong. There is a farm of mobs, crafting of mechanisms from improvised blocks (they say someone managed to assemble a working calculator from a bundle of wires and a pair of torches) and, of course, the P2P mode. Often, whole groups of players participate in battles, because the scope for mass P2P is simply huge, in fact, unlimited by nothing. The weapons of the proletariat are used in battle – stones, clubs, hoes and torches. For lovers of peaceful pastime, there are opportunities for taming animals, catching fish and growing their own garden. The analogue of PK are “griffins” – destroyers of someone else’s private property.

Minecraft mods

Do not sit idly by and gentlemen of modernization. There are already countless different mods for the game. Many kilometers of trees, worlds completely flooded with water, volcanic worlds – whatever your heart desires. According to my conservative predictions, Minecraft may soon surpass even such mod-building monsters as Skyrim and GTA. In addition, there is a real armada of pirate servers on the Internet, so the most tight-fisted can taste paid content for free! For informational purposes, of course. They are especially nimble, they can even create their own server, since a client-server is not difficult to find on the vastness of the world wide web.


There is no plot as unnecessary. There are no levels of pumping the hero. Pure creation and destruction. If you have already played sandboxes, you liked it, but for some reason have not yet discovered the world of Minecraft – fill in the gaps by running! The game can become not only a tool for self-expression, but also a great time killer.