Subway Surfers: game review

Have you noticed how popular runner games are lately? These are the ones where you need to constantly run and collect all sorts of bonuses that come across on the way. Actually, the name of the genre comes from the English word Run, which translated into our language means “to run.” I used to be very skeptical about such games and believed that they had no future. I was wrong – one of the most popular runners called Subway Surfers breaks all records for the number of downloads – over 300 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play! This news surprised me and yesterday I decided to try out the toy by downloading it to my smartphone.

Everything starts quite interestingly. There is a certain graffiti artist whose main occupation in his life is drawing. It is clear that he loves to draw exclusively on the walls of houses, garages and other real estate. Despite the responsibility, our hero is not afraid of anyone or anything. This time, fate brought him to the railway depot, where the boy decided to decorate the train carriage. Finishing his dirty business, he notices the guard behind his back and … Dives off and starts running. From this place, the main character will only do what to run. However, things are not so simple. Firstly, it is necessary to avoid collisions with various objects that come across on the way, which, among other things, can become trains passing by. And secondly, you need to collect coins, which will be more than enough on your way. In addition, you must try to catch all the bonuses, as they can greatly facilitate the passage of the game.

Basically, I liked the game. First of all, I would like to say thank you for the excellent graphics – they are bright and colorful.  The soundtrack is pretty good, but if you don’t like it, you can turn off the sound at any moment.

The passage itself is not so interesting: you need to constantly run from the guard, but collect coins, jumping in different directions and dodging trains and other obstacles. The player’s speed gradually increases, so it becomes more difficult to dodge. Too much the same type, so I personally could not stand more than 20 minutes.

You can simply collect them, but in order to buy something more or less decent in the store, they simply will not be enough, so there is only one way out – to buy coins for real money. The prices, it should be noted, bite – if you need to pay 33 rubles for 7,500 coins, then 180,000 is already 649 rubles. Alternatively, you can get 5,000 coins for free by simply inviting your friend (for this he must register using your link, which must be sent to a friend). All kinds of upgrades also come at the expense of coins.

Initially, I knew that the game was distributed free of charge (the so-called freemium), so I expected that I would have to contemplate ads at the top or bottom of the screen. Fortunately, I did not see any advertising even with Wi-Fi turned on, and this event made me pretty happy. How do developers make money? Given the crazy popularity of the game, KILOO probably has enough funds that players pay in exchange for coins. The amount of earnings, presumably, is very, very decent.

Yes, I would also like to say that the developers are constantly modifying the game, although technically it remains unchanged. There is even a version of Subway surfers Russia, where the main character runs around Moscow. I could not play this version.

Now a little conclusion. Personally, I was not impressed by the game. I think there are simpler games on the market, but at the same time they are much more interesting. But if we talk about a specific genre of runer, then here Subway Surfers hardly has at least one worthy competitor.  Today it exists for operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows.