Clash of Clans – game review

Tactical strategies have always been the weak point of handheld devices. The hardware features of smartphones and tablets did not allow to implement the control architecture familiar to the PC architecture. Of course, if you turn around, you can connect a USB hub via an OTG adapter, and a mouse and keyboard to it to play the RTS ported on your knee. But why such difficulties? One way or another, the touch control did not allow for the proper distribution of instructions, which ultimately led to the gradual conversion of portable real-time strategies into Turn-Based mechanics that not every player will like yet. But that all changed with the arrival of the Finnish craftsmen from Supercell, as their own vision of mobile RTS revolutionized the genre.

Clash of Clans at a glance

What is the Clash of Clans?  According to the canons of the genre, players will have to lead a small village, but already at the 20th level there is no trace of the former squalor. All buildings are constructed in real time, spending one of three resources – gold coins, purple jelly called elixir and its more expensive version, which players refer to as “oil” or dark.

In Clash of Clans, as in the My Lands browser, there is nothing superfluous. All buildings can be roughly divided into three categories: municipal, mining and military. “So we have already seen all this! What’s new here As you know, most buildings of all stripes use marking grids for their buildings, which eliminates the need for permutations, but not in BC. The fact is that each combat structure has its own radius and with a careless placement, the chances of losing the def increase significantly.

By the way, the balance in Clash of Clans is implemented with a bang, therefore, if the AA defense or walls are not sufficiently upgraded, even, for example, the Wizard towers that have been pumped to the top, will not be able to pull out the entire def with their colossal area damage.

And the player Vasa Popkin will help us in this, who was too worried about his resources and placed all the gold mines, the elixir rocking, the storage inside the perimeter of the walls, but since the game mechanics of the fence is always not enough, then there is room for his mortar and air, naturally, it was not enough. So it turned out that during the attack, the first thing he did was demolished the air defense and his favorite mortar with high DPS, thereby depriving the rest of the def of proper cover.

Clash of Clans has been breaking patterns for 2 years, because what is only one wall mechanic worth. How so: leave so many gaps in the palisade, and even on the way to the whole art ?! “This is lucky” – thought the unlucky Vasilis, exactly until the moment when his densely planted brother of giants set off with the light hand of a trap on a spring to plow the expanses of the universe. In other words, the giants, for whom there is no sound sweeter than the creak of a cannon torn from the carriage, moved at the same speed, and also aimed exclusively at protective structures, therefore, taking advantage of the gap, they fell under the influence of an undeniable ladder, which ultimately left Popkin without his core simple troops. This is how the Clash of Clans is.

The combat system and features of clans in Clash of Clans

What is tap2deploy and what does it look like? We are talking about the combat mechanics of the Clan Battle, which has been optimized to the maximum for touch control for all diagonals of portable devices. The player collects corpses in 15 cells, limited only by the level of the fields, which, like other buildings, are improved only after the next upgrade of the central building or Town Hall (TX). The set is made for the elixir in the barracks and, depending on the purpose of the raid, consists of a motley people. Barbarians, archers, goblins, Gigi, skeletons and two dozen other units in various combinations allow you to suppress any enemy, but only with competent command.

The player is only engaged in the selection and landing of troops, after which the corpse automatically selects targets and attacks them until they are completely destroyed, and then searches for new victims. Interestingly, the troops on the fields do not take part in the defense, so all the def falls on the shoulders of the defensive structures and how effectively the player placed them. We have already suggested examples of the behavior of giants, so we also note that skeletons are local one-shot kamikazes with x40 damage on the walls, goblins feel gold dozens of miles away and are completely absorbed in looting mania, and wizards are just daring fellows with their fireballs and lightning castes. In general, Clash of Clans is rich in a variety of units and as the levels increase, the game does not get easier, but takes on new forms and possibilities.

Where can there be without clans in the game about the battles of the same name?  Warriors are willingly shared here, because for extra generosity, achievements for premium currency are provided.

Premium emeralds drop from regularly generated structures, dozens of achievements of varying degrees of difficulty, as well as for achievements in the global ranking of players. Thus, gems on the 4th builder, with relative savings, are already accumulated at level 40, which speaks for itself.

Colorful design, solid soundtrack, unlimited gameplay, and loyal donation, what else do you need for a top real-time strategy? Just you and your friends, because Clash of Clans has united the efforts of the gaming community and talented vendors, so the game turned out to be the kind that the fans themselves wanted to see. So the editorial staff of Strategoman warns – Clash of Clans is addictive and leads to the development of tactical thinking and ingenuity, so in no case download it yourself, and even less tell your friends about it!