The 30 best games in the Game Pass catalog in December 2020

One of the top reasons for me to buy an Xbox Series X personally was the Game Pass subscription service. For a moderate monthly subscription fee, the subscriber gets access to a wide catalog of games of various quality and antiquity. In total, we have more than 300 items at our disposal. What can Game Pass do today and what are the nuances of its work?

The catalog of games is really large, and therefore it is almost impossible to squeeze everything that seems most interesting into one thirty. Therefore, the selection will be slightly subjective.

Destiny 2 (87 points, 2017)

The online first-person shooter receives regular updates. Many of them are available for free to Game Pass subscribers, and the latest ones will have to be paid for. Destiny 2 remains one of the main online shooters on consoles, is strongly associated with them, and recently received a NexGen patch. It can be played in 4K at 60 frames per second in Pave modes and up to 120 in P2P.

Outer Wilds (85 points, 2019)

This is a true adventure game that requires thoughtful problem-solving and patience. A small star system with planets opens in front of the player, the journey between which takes only a few minutes. The lamp atmosphere, the spirit of pioneering conquest of the unknown Wild space – and the mystery of the time loop in which this star system regularly dies, and the main character is constantly reborn. This indie game won the BAFTA and Golden Joystick Awards for a reason.

Gears 5 (84 points, 2019)

Exclusive to Windows and Xbox, which along with Forza Horizon 4 is advised as mandatory to install and play. The game is patched for NexGen, on a 4K TV it looks super detailed and clear and demonstrates what level of picture the publisher’s internal studios can do, if not lazy, on a new generation console. The game boasts 60 frames per second in the story campaign and 120 in multiplayer mode. Just what you need when you want to enjoy the picture that your TV is capable of producing.


Minecraft (88 points, 2009)

The relatively old game is still super popular. In 2020, Minecraft was the most watched game on YouTube. And for children, it is still exciting and limitless.

Forza Horizon 4 (92 points, 2018)

An open world arcade car simulator is available in the NexGen patch catalog. Today, this is probably one of the best races with a world full of activities, live online and gorgeous views. On the new console, Forza Horizon 4 runs in 4K @ 60fps for a smoother, more responsive driving experience.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps (90 баллов, 2020)

A platformer about the adventures of the little spirit Ori is loved by critics and players alike. The visuals and music are mesmerizing, and the dark world and lighting effects look perfect on OLED TVs. Plus, the game supports 4K @ 120fps with HDR. It looks magical.

Control (84 points, 2019)

Remedy Entertainment is good at making memorable stories. This is confirmed by the series about Max Payne and Alan Wake. In Control, interesting gameplay mechanics such as levitation and telekinesis, which allow you to juggle objects of the environment in battles, join the mysterious story. An excellent action-packed thriller with a touch of mysticism for 15 hours of completing the main storyline.

A Plague Tale: Innocence (83 балла, 2019)

Strong storyline middling. As a stealth action game, A Plague Tale: Innocence does not boast ingenuity, but the story from medieval France, where brother and sister in the midst of plague, fight against the invasion of rats and the Holy Inquisition, is unusual and intriguing. And it also looks great and in the first hours of the passage looks more like a photo mode simulator.

Tetris Effect: Connected (88 баллов, 2018)

Game Pass’s Tetris looks just as magical. It is extremely difficult to create something new in this genre, but the developers from the Japanese studios Monster’s and Reasoner succeeded. They managed to achieve an amazing synergy of music, visuals and gameplay. Together, this is capable of putting the gamer into a meditative trance.

What Remains of Edith Finch (92 балла, 2017)

This is a real gem among “walking simulators”: a short but disturbing walk through the empty house of a once large family, followed by death. The passage takes only a few hours, but through the interactive inventive inserts and memories of the main character, the developers manage to tell touching and sad stories that will not leave the player indifferent.

Titanfall (86 points, 2014)

The series of these shooters is called underrated. For once, EA’s pipeline has managed to deliver a game that hasn’t been heavily criticized in the gaming press. However, the Xbox exclusivity has played a trick on Titanfall. The last generation was behind the consoles of competitors, and the release window of the sequel Titanfall did not allow the game to compete with the autumn blockbusters. As a result of the audience attention that the game deserves, it did not receive at the start. Nevertheless, this does not affect its quality. This series of shooters is definitely worth checking out.