GTA Vice City game review

Vice City GTA: Vice City, GTA: VC for PC has become one of the most popular PC and console games in the world, made by Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design), which presented this game in several countries such as Japan, Australia and all of Europe. 2002, the beginning of the career of the game, which already in the first days of sales became an undisputed hit of sales all over the world.

GA vice is a game in the style of insane action that does not stop, it only occasionally pauses and with renewed vigor is gaining more and more powerful momentum that is transferred to the player from a third person and a car simulator that allows you to explore the game world in a classic for this genre. The game builds on the main action of the past Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto III games, which have already gone down in history as some of the most successful and profitable games in the world. As in other versions and parts of the GTA game, the hero will have to complete the most difficult missions that will be far beyond the law and they are connected with the criminal world, which will not let go of anyone who is mired in these dark affairs. The character will receive a very large number of missions from the ringleaders of the gangster syndicate and other equally important characters personally or via a pay phone that will call in different parts of the city at a certain time. And also he can get a task in some places not indicated on the maps or purely by accident sitting in someone else’s car, for example, when you sit in a fire truck, you automatically become a firefighter that thousands of peaceful people hope for and are waiting for you with impatience, extinguish firemen, save people, rescue from the trap and so on, getting into a taxi car, you automatically become a taxi driver and perform all his duties. As soon as you take on the execution of one or another task, you will not be able to start another until you fail or successfully complete what you started.

In an open space, the player can be controlled as the heart desires, you can run, jump, use a variety of weapons and steel fists at your discretion. The player can also control any vehicles, both air and water, and they must be taken by brute force. Also in the game gta vice city codes that will help you in completing missions or destroying the enemy if you cannot do this on your own.

By installing GTA Vai City, a completely new world will open in front of you, which you must build yourself. Who and on which side you will fight and develop in the GTA game is up to you, but remember that in order to open new areas and cities, you have to complete the story missions of the game, which will be quite difficult but very interesting. In non-missions, the player is absolutely free and can do anything, earn extra money in a taxi and other establishments, ride cars and have sex with beautiful chicks of which there are a huge number in the game. You can also commit illegal actions in the real world, destroying, killing and beating law enforcement officers, prostitutes, street gangs and ordinary residents of the city who are always with money, painted and combed, steal expensive cars, blow up and much more for which of course you will be chased police. In the upper right corner there is a scale with stars, it will show which police forces are hunting you. With one star, this is the minimum police force, and with an increase in the level of danger, such structures will come to the aid of the valiant police as, with three stars, a police helicopter will fly in which will constantly transfer your position to ground services, with four, fast and dangerous special forces will come, with five agents FBRs that will fly in their black jeeps, preventing you from escaping the chase, but at six you will definitely end up on a real hunt in which the entire US army with tanks and other equally dangerous equipment will participate. A paint shop will help you to get rid of all these troubles, in which you can drive your car and remain unnoticed, or, having changed clothes, the hero also remains not captured. But if, nevertheless, the character is arrested, killed or he dies, then he will reappear at the police station or hospital, deprived of all the previously available arsenal, armor vest weapons, money donated for treatment or all kinds of bribes. The character is not limited in the number of deaths, the failure of the task only means that you did not cope with it and makes it possible to start all over again, approaching the matter from the other side or thinking over tactics ..

In gta Vice City, game bonuses remained unchanged, such as bribes to the police, which will lower the level of danger by one level, a first aid kit, adrenaline that will slow down time but increase the force of impact, and much more, a bulletproof vest that will help out in difficult times. All tasks, as in the pre-leading GTA are divided into two categories, side and plot. Some of the story games in the game are not mandatory father-in-law, they can be skipped, but for each successful case, the hero will be given money or a bonus in the form of a weapon or vehicle. In addition to the main 70 missions in the game gate san Andrea’s, there are secondary tasks that you need to perform on the transport of city services, races on radio-controlled models, helicopters and cars, prize shooting in shooting ranges and much more.

In GTA Vice City, you become the main gangster in the city, who wants to destroy all the bandits. To do this, you have a huge selection of string, cold and throwing weapons. Firearms and throwing weapons can be purchased in the weapons stores of Vice City, and heavy weapons from a huckster named Phil Cassidy who has everything you need for the most pinching business. The hero can also find and replenish his ammunition in the places of conservation. Determining which weapon you are using is very simple, you need to look at the upper right corner in the round and you will immediately determine which barrel is in your hands and the number of cartridges in the store and stock. And the crosshair in the center of the screen shows you the probability of bullet dispersion during active shooting.