Decathlon Alternate Review – Is It That Good?

Decathlon is coming to PC and PS5 on September 14th and will be a temporary exclusive among consoles, but until recently we did not know for how long Bethesda and Sony agreed. As noted at the end of the recent 9-minute gameplay cutscene featured on State of Play, Decathlon will not be available on other platforms until September 14, 2022 at the earliest. Thus, the special conditions will be held for a year.

The situation with Decathlon is weird. On the one hand, Arcane was bought by Microsoft as part of Bethesda. On the other hand, Bethesda and Sony have long agreed on the exclusivity of the title and now it is impossible to terminate the agreement without serious losses.

Decathlon will likely be available in Game Pass as soon as the PlayStation exclusivity ends. You can already hear from the future grinning Xbox fans saying that Phil Spencer brings them free games that PS5 players pay for. Or how is it usually?

On September 13, the embargo on the publication of Decathlon reviews from Arcane Studios was lifted. Most of the journalists were pleased with the new product, noting the interesting gameplay and visual style. However, it turned out not without drawbacks – they criticize the linearity, the behavior of opponents and some technical problems.

As of this writing, the PS5 version has an average Metacritic score of 88 based on 63 reviews. The PC shooter was rated exactly the same. In general, many call the game almost the best in the history of Arcane.

The author of the review from Game Informer noted that the game has good music that fits perfectly into the Decathlon setting.

Decathlon is fun to die, but killing is even more fun. This is a good game with unique elements, albeit similar to previous Arcane games.
The VG247 journalist liked the multiplayer most of all – when during the passage another player can invade to interfere with the main character. He also noted that the developers should have done better work on artificial intelligence, but this is not such a significant problem.

The main time-loop system works great. I really enjoyed fighting Julianne, the game immediately becomes with a twist. It is a pity that the AI ‚Äč‚Äčturned out to be stupid, but otherwise Decathlon is good.
Decathlon will be released tomorrow, September 14, on PC and PlayStation 5. The release trailer for the game can be viewed below.

8 targets, 2 hitmen and 4 locations on the Black Reef, which is stuck in a time loop. Find out the most important thing about Decathlon with our video review.
Arcane Studios’ new Fall Decathlon release has raised a lot of questions from the very first show. “It’s Dishonored with guns!” – you might think. And they would be almost right.

Here, from the very first minutes, the legacy of the past games of the French Lyon team is felt. True, there are also enough differences, but to find them, and to understand the subtleties, it is worth delving into the time loop. We won’t talk about the plot too much, our video review is without spoilers.

And we remind you that we have an alternative version of the Decathlon review, it is available here and is completely different. The opinions of the two authors will help you more accurately determine what the game turned out to be.

Watch our full video. And don’t forget to turn on the sound!

Before you is the Black Reef island stuck in a time loop with four large locations inhabited by a variety of personalities. The goal is as simple as two or two – to eliminate them all. But if you get killed, the day restarts and the adventure starts over. You read that right: this is a variation of Dishonored, combined with roguelike elements.

There are also 8 main targets, as well as 2 killers – Colt and Julianne. You have to unravel a tangle of secrets that will lead to a solution. But how exactly you will do it, at what place and time of day, you and only you decide. In fact, this is freedom of action.

Let us know in the comments if the new Arcane Studios game looks promising and will you be playing Decathlon at release?