Aragami 2 REVIEW (latest version)


Description of the game:

A wonderful game with great art, created based on one of the most popular anime series and manga in Japan, of the same name. According to Japanese comics, Aragami is a god of retribution, with a rather unpredictable absurd character, always pouring into all sorts of troubles. But he also has another character trait: as a representative of an ancient family and a member of a divine clan, he has supernatural abilities to absorb shadows and spirits into his body, into his weapons, and control them in order to fight enemies, evil spirits and protect his clan … This power is destructive and very dangerous, but at the same time it corrodes the mind and soul of the god of revenge. As long as he can, he carries out various assignments of people and customers from different parts of the Earth in order to provide himself and his village with money.

Based on a rather popular story in Japan about an unpredictable god, the developers, studio Lance Works, went further and came up with their own plot in the game, which begins with the fact that you, Aragami, were called by the prayers of a girl named Jamiko. She is imprisoned at Kuru Castle. Your task is to pave the way to her through fears and shadows, defeat enemies that will interfere with you, rescue the lady, and also find out the unpleasant truth about yourself and your unique abilities.

The developers also promise us: a fantasy world, a deep and interesting 3D plot about dark magic, a lot of combat scenes and ninja enemies, as well as a lot of unusual adventures and action. In addition, there are credits in the game.

Today Aragami 2 is being developed for all types of gaming platforms, it can be found in online stores and from authors, for individual payment, as well as download Aragami 2 on a PC via a torrent in Russian.

Aragami 2 is a stealth, third-person action game from Lance Works. This is a direct sequel to the first part, which begins a hundred years after the events of the original and tells the story of the feudal era of Japan, with the addition of many fantastic elements, as well as the presence of ninja and samurai. Since this is a stealth game and partly a strategy, we will only get the katana if absolutely necessary. Another distinguishing feature is the presence of over 40 skills with which we can equip our shadow assassins. Weapons and armor are being improved at the same time, and we must be able not only to secretly kill, but also to defend ourselves in order to be able to react to unpredictable events. We can go through the entire campaign alone or in co-op with a maximum of three friends.

Aragami 2 game review

Aragami 2 is a ninja adventure RPG. Players act as representatives of the Aragami clan – since ancient times suffering from a dangerous disease that eats away at the mind and body, but also gives supernatural powers. The latter make it possible to manipulate shadows. The clan has many customers who give various orders, and users are engaged in their implementation, simultaneously rescuing the captured community representatives. Users have access to stele-style passage of levels, tactical battles with deadly and non-deadly techniques, craft weapons, armor, skill development and much more.

Aragami 2 is a stylized ninja action game, a sequel to the original released in 2016. The new game offers a full-fledged co-op for three players, this mode can be played throughout the entire campaign. While the first part focused on stealth, Aragami 2 will allow players to approach it like a combat game, allowing you to create melee and ranged weapons, choose armor, and also choose from a set of abilities that can change your playstyle.

We have to play a rather unusual role – the role of a deity who has a unique power, both destructive and restorative. The plot will tell about a young girl who asked you for help, but to complete the mission you have to make a lot of effort. The thing is that the girl is imprisoned in a huge castle and you need to save her no matter what. Embark on unpredictable and dangerous adventures, fight multiple opponents who will become the main obstacle on the way, and also do not forget to constantly develop your skills in order to be able to repulse any, even the most powerful rival. It will not do without solving various puzzles and overcoming a number of tests, which will not be so easy to cope with. Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional world of dark magic and do everything to successfully complete the mission.