Garena Free Fire for PC

Garena Free Fire is a classic survival battle royal in which you have to stay in a safe zone. As time passes, the zone begins to narrow, and you need to find weapons, supplies and remain the last survivor.

Garena International I Private, when creating the game, did not differ in any way from similar games of the same genre. The whole process of the game is built on survival. In Garena Free Fire for PC, you have to stay in a safe zone, collect supplies and stay alive as the zone shrinks. Hide, study the map, kill your enemies – this is the only recipe for survival.

For a quality game, you need attentiveness and concentration in order to track down enemies. There are 50 players in the game session. Team up in squads of 4 and strive for victory using in-game chat and voice communication. Search killed enemies to get new weapons. This and much more awaits you in the game.

Gameplay and features of the game on PC

The game will start by connecting to a game session. After connecting the required number of people, all of you will be sent to the island. When approaching the island, you will have to jump out of the plane, using the controls to land with a parachute in the place you want. After landing, search buildings and dead enemies to find weapons. Inspect the area well, someone has landed before you and has the advantage.


You are given the opportunity to create a character! Choose gender, race and skin color! And use in-app purchases to buy your hero new clothes and accessories!
It will be difficult for one to play, in the game everything depends on the coordinated actions of the squad. Conduct negotiations using voice communication, and think over tactics to win.

The main difference between Garena Free Fire for Windows and its competitors is that the rounds last 15 minutes, and there are 50 players in the session, and not 100 like in other similar games. During the round, you need to keep in a safe zone, but if you are far from the center, you can use transport to quickly get to the desired place. Grass, trenches and structures are used for shelter. In them, you can set up ambushes.

If you think that the biggest danger in the game is the force field, which is shrinking other players, then you are wrong. You cannot hide in bushes or ditches from air strikes. These are powerful explosions that can destroy your entire squad in one shot.

Don’t forget about supply boxes. In them you can get good equipment and powerful weapons. The problem is that these boxes are visible to all players, so at the same time they are good bait. Use all kinds of tactics to survive and lead your squad to victory.

Here are the main advantages of the game:

The game is completely free.
Realistic graphics.
Lots of game settings.
Voice communication and game chat.
Low load on the device.

Game controls

The game controls are classic for games of this genre. On the screen, on the left, you will see a virtual joystick with which you will move your character.

In it, you can select equipment and weapons for different play styles. If you need to interact with any item, for example, with vehicles, boxes, dead enemies and weapons, just go to this item and a corresponding button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Method 1

Before starting the game, you need to install the Play Market program. With this program, you can run games on your computer that were written for the Android system. You won’t need much time to install the program, just follow these steps:

Download the Play Market installer from our website.
After launching it, select the installation path.
After starting the program, you will see the authorization menu, where you need to enter the login and password from your Google Play account. If you do not have it, then you need to register a new account on Google before installing the program on your computer.
“Garena Free Fire” and click the “Install” button.


. The application is an emulator that creates a virtual smartphone.

Method 2

This method is no less easy, and you will need to do the following:

Download archive with files from our site.
Follow the installation instructions.
Before starting the program, make sure that the minimum system requirements match the specifications of your PC.

Minimum system requirements:

Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 and later.
Processor: Intel or AMD.
RAM: 2GB or more.
Free space: 4GB.
Updated video card drivers.
Administrator rights on your computer.
Network: High speed internet access.