Password Manager Plus : Fingerprint & Backup 1.1.2 Apk for Android


Password Manager Plus is at sale price!

* Please update to the latest version for bug fixes including a bug where it will not launch Backup page hence making the feature totally not available.
Thanks to those who provided feedback.

Simple & lightweight Password Manager.
One-tap backup! No complicated steps!
Sync with Google Drive.
Professional-grade encryption.
PIN and Fingerprint authentication.
Secured and offline.
Google Material Design.
More than 7 languages supported.

Key Features : 
– AES-256 + SHA2 encryption.
– Sync with your own Google Drive account.
– Backup from and restore to any device.
– Local storage. Only stored on device & backup. No servers.
– Track Creation Date and Last Updated Date.
– Fingerprint access. No setup. Use the fingerprint you been using.
– Easy to use.

More than 7 languages supported including
Traditional & Simplified Chinese

If your language is not supported, let us know and we will include your language within a day.

* Permissions Used
File & Storage – save & restore backup file
Network Access – access Google Drive from within the app



Updated database library for performance and stability.

Bug fixes :

Backup page will not launch

Delete button not visible

Password Manager Plus : Fingerprint & Backup Apk

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