Moto Z2 Play Review: Bad sequel, better smartphone


Currently rocking the Z, waiting for the Z2 since my screen is currently cracked and scratched from a drop and downhill slide on my driveway.

If the Z2 play weren’t a Verizon exclusive, I would have had it. And if I weren’t a guy who likes to upgrade every year, I would have gotten the OG Z Play. I think I also heard something about lag with the OG Play, not sure though.

I am locked in to the Z line though, I have 2 Incipio battery mods, the Original Speaker Mod, and the projector. It’s perfect for someone like me who travels for work. I always have a big screen, and music… Just wish the Speaker had Bluetooth compatibility, would be awesome to use the projector with the speaker.

Great video though. We got MrMobile.

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