These are the PlayStation VR games coming out this month!


What new games does PlayStation VR have in store this month?

Playstation VR has a great selection of games for your adventures in VR. The list of games continues to expand going forward, with new titles added to the lineup each month. While there is only one new release for July, we’ve got the details here for you!


The year is 2086. America is a post-apocalyptic wasteland run by the evil “HUMNX” corporation. You play as a pilot in the Archangel mech, a six-story-tall death machine that can shoot or slam its enemies. Connected to the machine via a neural link, you’ll have to face what the past and future holds, to emerge victorious.

Archangel is an arcade style shooter with gorgeous graphics, and enough rampaging to make anyone happy. You’ll have to battle your way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies, traverse various landscapes and truly fight for your survival. Archangel is set to release first on PlayStation VR but will eventually make it’s way to other platforms. We don’t have an exact release date quite yet, but it’ll be hitting the PlayStation Store later this month.

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What are you playing?

While there aren’t many new releases for PlayStation VR, Archangel should be appealing to many. Are you interested in this month’s lineup? Or is there an existing PlayStation VR game you’re hooked on? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know about it!

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